Monique Rodriguez

Mielle Organics: Empowering Textured Hair in the WNBA


Oct. 12 2023, Published 6:50 p.m. ET

July 13, 2023, was a historic day for the basketball and hair care worlds, as the best talent women’s national league, WNBA, linked up with the leading textured hair care brand, Mielle Organics. Dominique Rodriguez, the brand co-founder and CEO, couldn't hold back her excitement from this iconic partnership as she set to Instagram to reveal the news.

Through the multi-year deal, Mielle Organics became the first official textured hair partner to the WNBA and only the second beauty brand to partner up with the league.

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A Game Changer For Textured Hair

The most exciting part is the deal isn't just about product placement. It goes on to cover other community outreach forums, giving Mielle a chance to influence and empower more women as they shape beauty standards. Mielle Organics will develop marketing campaigns to be posted on the WNBA social media walls and the league’s media associates.

The brand will also host key activation events like the WNBA live and conduct WNBA-themed retail and marketing programs. And, of course, the most exciting part—introducing the league players to their new favorite hair products. But why is this deal a game changer for the textured hair representations? Let’s look into how this partnership is set to shake the ground for people of color:

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Shattering Beauty Norms

Beyond offering high-quality natural hair products to the WNBA players, the partnership boldly challenges the notion that only straight, white beauty deserves a place on the biggest stage. For decades, sports, especially the beauty industry within it, have only catered to and promoted narrow standards of appearance, leaving athletes from other demographics feeling invisible or even pressured to conform to mainstream standards.

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The partnership normalizes textured hair as worth recognizing and paying attention to, challenging the very definition of beauty in the public eye. Seeing beautiful, texture-haired WNBA players featured in marketing campaigns and exhibitions sends a powerful message that resonates beyond the court. It sends ripples of acceptance and self-love throughout the community.

Tearing Down Barriers

This move is a catalyst for a change in endorsement deals and norms. It invites other organizations and brands to embrace diversity by catering to a broader audience's needs. Companies can no longer ignore the growing booming market of BIPOC products.

Not to forget, the deal is multifaceted in that it extends beyond just showcasing Mielle Organics products. Activating WNBA events and conducting educational and promotional campaigns gives the brand a glorious opportunity to engage more with the community and equip more women with tips on endorsing their natural beauty and chasing their goals.

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Embracing Authentic Selves

Of course, this is a massive win for the WNBA players of textured hair. Finally, they feel well recognized and catered for, and you know how much of a morale and confidence boost this is, especially in an athletic sport. Access to products formulated specifically for their hair textures gives them the confidence to embrace their nature and unique identities—showering them with love and inspiring them to play with their hearts on their sleeves with their crowns held high.

Time to Celebrate Diversity on the Highest Stage

The wings of this partnership run over and beyond sports. While it’s a much-needed boost of authenticity to the textured hair athletes, it’s also a cultural touchstone, showcasing the beauty of being black on the top level. It’s a real racial pride boost, with people of textured hair seeing their favorite brand making waves at a national sport and empowering their beloved WNBA starlets to soar higher.

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