Mellody Hobson

10 Innovative Business Strategies from Mellody Hobson


Feb. 19 2024, Published 10:37 a.m. ET

Former chairwoman of DreamWorks Animation and current chairwoman of Starbucks Mellody Hobson has used her financial knowledge and experience to her advantage.

“I do not think it's an accident that I work in the financial industry, because as a child I was desperate to understand money,” she shared at her TedTalk in 2014. A Princeton graduate, Hobson started her career at a Chicago investment firm where she started as an intern and rose to become the firm's senior vice president and director of marketing

Her ability to understand and articulate ways to grow and achieve success has created a platform where she is now a teacher and mentor.

Tips Mellody Hobson has learned over time in the finance Industry

  • Speaking up: John Rogers said to Mellody “You’re going to be in the room with people who have bigger titles than you and make a lot more money and it doesn't mean that your idea is not better, I want to hear it.”

  • Ask a lot of Questions: Ask questions that will help Mellody find the way to get them to their purpose.

  • Crouch to Conquer: “The Art of War, You have to be very small to be very Big” says Mellody.

  • Smile: People want to collaborate with people who they like, they are happy. “I have a smile on my face because it makes people more comfortable.”

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    • Master Yoda: “Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering.” Words written by her husband.
    • Strategic Thinking: Hope is not a plan says Mellody Hobson. Has built strategic courses that expand the mind and increase business.
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    Decisions that have Elevated Mellody for Business Success

    Being a Board member Mellody has been able to reach people through the impact of socializing with people through one-on-one time. She has brought the wisdom she is gained over the years and spread it all over. Making sure that she is constantly growing within herself to pour out wisdom to others, Hobson uses her strategies to build within and lead outward. Mellody wants to be in professional relationships with people that grow. Starbucks Strategy 2018 Mellody responded to the feedback in success. She is always speaking with people, as well as building those personal relationships to make an impactful change.

    • Career Advice: Do not make any career decision solely based up money.

    • Leadership: Mellody’s Mother left it to her to figure out being the youngest child who made her very independent and to go after what she wanted to achieve success.

    • Princeton: Being Empowered by being at a school that made her be independent.

    • QEV: Expertise, deep experience and knowledge that have value.

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    The success Mellody has built has created the mindful mogul opportunities to share her wealth of wisdom with the world. Being able to be on Ted Talks, Forbes, Podcast of interviews exhibiting her continual knowledge. In interaction you can immediately feel the hunger she wants to speed and feed on at the same time. Mellody Hobson is the food of wisdom that entrepreneurs, the Black women, the single mom, student, little child should be aspiring to be like with that wisdom inside.

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