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Mastering the Art of Passport Makeup According to TikTok


Dec. 30 2023, Published 7:38 p.m. ET

This makeup trend was created to help individuals achieve the best look in the limited light setting of the passport photo booth. This technique relies on heavy contouring characterized by the application of heavy concealer under the eyes, chiseled nose, carved-out cheekbones, and dark-arched eyebrows.

In the look, hair is slicked back from the face, while the lips are over-glossed and over-lined. Even though this makeup technique results in an appearance that might be seen as odd in harsh lighting conditions, it is nothing less than perfect in the low-quality light found in photo booths.

While this technique has existed for many years, it became a TikTok trend when beauty influencers started picking it up. Georgia Barratt is one of the influencers who have picked up the trend – which has garnered more than 100 million views on the platform.

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How To Achieve the Perfect Look

While Georgia Barratt’s tutorial appears to have a longer list of steps, you can still achieve the same results with fewer steps, as outlined below.

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Start With the Base

Speaking to Real Simple, Elyse Reneau (a Too Faced makeup artist) stated, “You have to create your angles with contour.” According to her, contouring is essential whenever you are in a situation where you need to be photographed straight-on.

When contouring, the first step is to prepare your face by using your preferred hydrating primer. Afterward, apply a foundation as you normally would – to regulate shine and even out your skin. Pick up your concealer and use it to brighten your chin, your forehead, and the area under your eyes. For the best contouring, be sure to apply makeup to the high points of your jawline, chin, nose, above your temples and cheeks – use a makeup sponge or brush to blend everything.

Complete this step by using a cream blush, blending your temples to your cheekbones – and using a powder blush to set everything in place.

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Focus On the Eyes

To further strengthen your passport look, you will need to define your brows – which are important in framing your eyes. A great option here is to use a product that sets, grooms, and fills in your brows.

When it comes to your eyes, you will have a little more wiggle room and can do whatever you like – provided they pop when you get in front of the camera. You can go with a timeless wing or opt for the siren eye trend – which is also popular on TikTok. Use a swipe of mascara to finish this step.

Finish With the Lips

Overlining your lips in a major way is the last step in your quest for the perfect passport look. To pump up the fullness of your lips, apply your favorite lip liner. Use a shiny coat of lip gloss to top things off after you have applied and blended the liner.

Once you have completed the above process, remember to use a setting spray over your face to ensure that your passport look remains in place throughout the day.

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