Balancing Act: Kyla-Drew's Life as a Student and Actress


Nov. 12 2023, Published 4:41 p.m. ET

When Kyla-Drew first set foot on the USC campus, she was not just stepping into the world of higher education. She was stepping onto the tightrope of balancing academia and her acting career. In a candid interview with Essence, she shared the thought process behind her decision to attend college while navigating Hollywood's glitz and glamour at the same time.

The decision to attend USC was not just about academics. It was a strategic move to foster personal growth, on and off the screen.

Juggling Scripts and Textbooks

A typical day for most college students may consist of lectures, study periods, and maybe a part-time job, but with threads from college getting intertwined with the stringent demands of Hollywood, Kyla-Drew's schedule was like a unique tapestry. It could sometimes mean getting up early and staying up late, but she says it was all worthwhile.

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“I do believe that the work ethic that I built over the years helped me because I was taking a full-time course load at USC while I was filming the first season of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!. I’m not going to say it was easy,” she explained. “There were times where I was a little bit stressed out, but my professors worked with me a lot.”

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Kyla-Drew's words are true for college students and working adults alike. Even in this uncertain business, she is unyielding about education. She admits there are difficulties but stresses the benefits of following both passions to equally great degrees.

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From Campus to Hollywood

Kyla-Drew's journey is not defined by a college degree. Rather, it comes in the form of a complete education through both classroom and stage. The actress thinks that her experiences in Hollywood are excellent supplementary education because she has learned so much just being on set, but the education she has received in business is also about life. A lot of it transfers over to other fields and allows her room for growth.

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Kyla-Drew offers a perspective on how there is more to learning than books. Because of this foray into acting, she brings a whole new set of skills to her school life – communication, flexibility, and teamwork. All these things make classroom studies interesting in their own right. It shows that life in and of itself is a classroom, with every experience adding to personal growth and professional development.

The Kyla-Drew Approach to Success

Kyla-Drew's way of chasing success is refreshingly down-to-earth. No fancy tricks or complicated strategies—she keeps it simple and relatable. Picture it like following a recipe. She breaks down her goals into manageable steps, like cooking one ingredient at a time. Kyla-Drew's secret sauce is finding that sweet spot between hard work and taking it easy. She also has a strong support system.

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“My friends keep me centered by checking in on me and making sure I’m straight, but my mom helps me greatly,” she added. “ She’s a single mother, so I’ve watched her work ethic over the years and I know what she can do. I’m a direct reflection of my mom, so that drive and idea in my head really are what motivates me to continue doing what I’m doing because I want to make her proud.”

Kyla Drew’s success plan is a pinch of persistence, a sprinkle of smart planning, and a good helping of learning from the bumps in the road.

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