Kiersey Clemons

Kiersey Clemons' Guide to Mental Health and Self-Care


Oct. 12 2023, Published 9:49 p.m. ET

Actress Kiersey Clemons has been very open about her life with bipolar disorder and she has come to levels of acceptance of her mental health by working on herself. She now is in more of a comfortable space where she can discuss her challenges with dealing with mental illness. In her Youtube video interview she discusses what bipolar disorder is, what still makes her nervous, and how she deals with it all. The Mental Health Awareness Video is full of understanding from her point of view.

Acceptance of Bipolar Disorder and Daily Navigation

Allowing herself to heal and being careful with her anxiety. A lot of the time when dealing with bipolar disorder you may feel uncomfortable around people. Kiersey allows herself to have time and space away from people so that she can put up comfortable boundaries she is able to maintain so that she does not go backwards in her road towards health and self-awareness. She works on giving herself the validations by giving affirmations to herself with her wardrobe that represents her present, past, and future self.

The actress makes sure that she is affirming her self-worth by building confidence within herself for life progress. Dedication and being specific in the projects she works on.

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Seeking Help to Deal With Loss, Heartbreak, and Mental struggles

She acknowledged that her mental issues were not just stemming from ONE issue but from her personal issues of looks, relationships, the reality she has to be apart of that increased her anxiety. Kiersey was able to step into acceptance and communicate what she needed to her therapist and other Dr’s. She was able to build her foundation of healing so she can maintain working in the entertainment industry.

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Mental and Body Uplifting

Battlering numerous mental issues Kiersey had to push her way through the issues of acceptance. Overthinking due to being an African American woman she was working on healing past and current traumas. She is utilizing her platform and journey to stand rightfully in her blackness, culture and up for the LGBTQ community. Having the courage to embrace who she is by the texture of her hair, the group she surrounds herself, or by the world of social media.

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Daily Affirmations for Building Confidence

Giving herself the daily affirmations builds her mental stability. Due to being an overthinker she works on not giving too much energy to social media and works on herself. has reached a new level of confidence because now she is aware and able to publicly discuss her mental health challenges. Kiersey understands that her healing and self-love journey is showing her vulnerability. Taking care of your mental health is a MUST. Being more vulnerable with her race and sexuality by saying she has bipolar disorder she has built relationships by being more transparent. Kiersey says “she has inspired people to find their magic” all because she has opened up more about mental illness and self-awareness.

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It’s OK to Not Be OK – Just Ask For Help

Kiersey has shown through her bravery that you can have mental struggles and still exist in a world that you can make a difference. By her coming forward and opening up more she has inspired others to open up more. She is teaching all generations that it is OK to not be OK and to seek help when or prior to everything begins to crumble.

Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit will rest assured that all will be alright. Kiersey is standing in her mental-health healing journey. She has no judgment of herself or others but wants to create the best healthy environment for everyone.

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