Kheris Rogers

Fashion as a Force: Kheris Rogers' Role in Social Change


Nov. 7 2023, Published 9:10 p.m. ET

Kheris Rogers has successfully leveraged fashion as a tool for social change in many ways. She promoted representation and inclusivity for dark-skinned people in fashion, stepped up visibility and advocacy, created more connections, built communities, and inspired people through education and awareness.

She also used her fashion brand, Flexin’ In My Complexion, to serve as a role model to other young and aspiring Black women out there.

“Dear Black child, you are smart, you are magic, you are beautiful, you are hope, you are brave, and you are enough” — Kheris Rogers.

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Inclusivity in Fashion

Kheris has used representation and inclusivity in fashion as a tool to enforce social change. Kheris discovered that the poor representation of dark skin tones in the beauty and fashion industry needs to change.

Through her Flexin’ in My Complexion clothing line, she has been able to celebrate diversity. She ensured she featured models of diverse skin tones in her campaign to promote inclusivity and empower people of color.

Empowering Quotes on Her Brand Clothing

Kheris doesn’t just make stylish wear, she embeds bold and beautiful empowering words on them. Those who wear her brand will always feel some sense of empowerment.

The empowering words serve as reminders for her customers to embrace their inner beauty, self-love, and self-confidence. The Flexin’ in my Complexion brand generates millions of dollars in sales yearly.

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Kheris continues to use advocacy to promote the visibility of minority groups nationwide. She continues to use her platform for advocacy against colorism and the promotion of a positive self-image.

She specifically uses social media networks media houses and events to display her inspirational and stylish wear. She also started her own foundation, telling Medium, “I started my foundation because I want to give back to others in the community by addressing issues that can often hold us back such as racism and colorism. I want to assist in teaching entrepreneurship and financial literacy in my community. I want to highlight issues facing teenagers today to make a better future for tomorrow.”

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Community Building

Through her fashion brand, Kheris continues to foster strong connections and a sense of community among Black youths. She continues to create that space where everyone can access positive messages and this helps create connections among other victims of bullying who need support.

With her platform, she has made it clear that colored people are not alone in their journey towards self-re-discovery.

Awareness Through Education

With her regular visits to media houses and her active social media profiles, Kheris has used her brand to educate her followers on colorism. She has continued to educate the society at large about the detrimental effects of bullying and other forms of discrimination against colored skin.

She has successfully connected this form of education with her clothing line’s narrative thus generating a broader conversation about self-worth and diversity.

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Role Modeling

We cannot ignore the fact that Kheris has become an inspirational role model to many worldwide and this is a tool she uses to further promote diversity, inclusivity, and self-awareness. She has boldly stepped into the beauty and fashion industry and she continues to rely on her platform to inspire young people to embrace their passion and uniqueness without creating societal pressures.

Kheris Rogers Shows Us Fashion is a Vehicle for Empowerment

Kheris Rogers has revealed that fashion is not just a means of expressing one’s creativity, it is a tool for enforcing social change and empowering those who don’t have a voice. Her brand will continue to revolutionize the way we see others in different skin colors.

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