Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown's Inclusive Style Philosophy: Fashion Is for Everybody


Aug. 9 2023, Published 1:58 a.m. ET

In the world of fashion blogging, Kellie Brown stands out.

She is not just about style — It is her mission to make the fashion world more inclusive. Kellie is what you would call a change-maker.

Breaking down stereotypes and pushing for diversity in an industry that has been too exclusive for far too long.

Breaking the Mold: Kellie's Outside the Norm Rise

Kellie Brown did not follow the traditional script to enter the fashion scene. She is the self-proclaimed “OG fat girl fashion blogger” and she used her experience in PR and marketing to build her brand and blog, And I Get Dressed.

Kellie touches an audience looking for role models they can relate to at a time when standards of beauty in the media are unreasonably high. She went on to create the hashtag #fatatfashionweek where she encouraged women of all sizes to share their best street style photos.

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“I’m thrilled that so many people found #fatatfashionweek to be empowering — most of the feedback has been extremely positive. The word “fat” can be polarizing for some, but most of the women in my life use it because we like to take the shame out of a body type,” she said at the time. “My hope since New York Fashion Week has just wrapped is that women working at other fashion weeks around the world use the hashtag to show the world who they are and what they are up to.”

Celebrating Everybody: Kellie's Inclusive Style Philosophy

Kellie's here to change the old “one size fits all” fashion tale and destroy those archaic beauty standards that never go away. Her blog is like a blank piece of paper where she flaunts her style. She accepts herself and is about influencing others to do the same.

What makes Kellie unique is that she is all about profiling styles that flatter both wide hips and thin buns. Style has no size. Her fashion choices say it all. Her closet is like a colorful rainbow with laid-back, cool, and fancy glam. Her message is whatever the occasion, fashion is for everybody!

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“My personal style is noncommittal. I just like what I like. I definitely appreciate a trend, but I think that I like trends before they're a trend, you know? That's what leads me. I like things that I think are cool and that I think are a little bit forward,” she told Fashionista.

Kellie is not simply what she wears. She is raising a voice overlooked by high society from her fashion pulpit. For those who want to see someone like them in an industry still learning how to be diverse, she is a beacon.

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Community First: Kellie's Impact Beyond Fashion

Kellie has since expanded her empire beyond blogging. She also launched Deeply Madly Modern, where she shows off her interior design skills.

Kellie moved to California in 2019 and purchased a home in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, and started her journey as an interior design influencer.

“I always say I am not an interior designer; you don’t have to be either to have a stylish space. My understanding of space has been very much like my approach to fashion,” she told Essence. “In the same way that you can understand the color and proportions of your outfit, it does translate to a room and weave in the way that my brain works. So I would say I’m still a fashion girly, and I love creating that kind of content but interiors opened up doors for me that allow me to express myself in a way that is not quite the same as fashion, especially being plus-sized and not having every option. But with a room, I have every option. So it’s cool.”

It’s not just a magazine. It’s a lifestyle!

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