Justina Machado

Actress Justina Machado's Inspiring Approach to Staying Fit and Healthy


Aug. 17 2023, Published 3:15 a.m. ET

Who would have thought actress Justina Machado, crossed the golden jubilee?

If there's a secret to how the actress has managed to look this great, her philosophy about fitness and healthy living is that secret.

3 Ways Justina Machado Stays Young at 50

In late September 2022, Justina turned 50 and she spoke out about some of the philosophies that have helped her stay in shape and fit.

Here are the takeaways from her advice on keeping fit and living a healthier and more balanced life:

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Exercise for Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Part of Justina Machado’s tips for wellness and fitness is regular exercise.

Yes, this may sound like nothing new but exercising not only helps to grow stronger bones, muscles, and a healthier heart. What more? It's completely free.

“Exercise isn’t just about getting skinny; it’s important for your mind and soul,” Justina wrote. Additionally, the actress recommends regular stretching and drinking a lot of water.

Therapy and Self-Care

Self-care and therapy are conscious decisions we all must make to help our emotional and psychological well-being. It involves dedicating time and attention to all our needs – mental, emotional, and spiritual – and adopting habits that promote a sense of well-being.

These are key in Justina Machado’s philosophies in ensuring fitness and good health. We’ve seen her share tips and life lessons that prove the importance of self-care and therapeutic routines. Even her movies sometimes reflect these philosophies.

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For example, in the “Hello Penelope” episode in One Day at a Time, where she plays Penelope Alvarez, Justina tries to go against her doctor’s advice and live without medication and therapy. She soon learned this decision was wrong.

So, whenever you need it, get therapy. It’s also ok to get it even when you’re not sure why. Speak to a professional, and share your worries and emotions. You’ll be easing some of the emotional burden and get a different perspective. You are not alone.

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Additionally, self-care has to be holistic whether outdoors or indoors. While outdoors, Justina recommends using sunscreen to protect the body from the sun’s harmful rays.

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Ensure a Healthy Sleep Routine

A proper sleep routine does a lot for our overall health and well-being. In her Instagram post, Justina may have only just asked fans to “go to bed,” but there is a deeper meaning to this.

First, try to have regular and appropriate sleeping times – seven to eight hours are great for adults. Ideally, you should have a consistent bedtime and wake-up time.

Getting enough sleep allows the body to recover and regenerate quickly. As for the importance of maintaining regular sleep time, it secures the circadian rhythm and makes it not so difficult to find sleep when you need to.

Justina Machado isn't fit at her age by chance, and neither is it just about genetics — she puts in the work by living by these principles. We hope you've learned how to embrace Justina Machado's holistic approach to fitness and wellness for a fulfilling and healthy life.

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