Jeanette Jenkins

9 Fitness and Health Innovations by Jeanette Jenkins


Nov. 16 2023, Updated 10:45 p.m. ET

If you’ve always wanted to train like a real Hollywood star, you can push yourself to your limits with Jeanette Jenkins’ new full-body workout and diet suggestions.

She's not called the “Hollywood Trainer” for nothing. Her workouts regularly make the whole of Hollywood sweat. Stars like Alicia Keys, Khloé Kardashian, and Kelly Rowland rely on her over 25 years of training experience. Her Instagram community is also regularly motivated by Jeanette Jenkins.

Nearly 1 million fitness enthusiasts are already following Jeanette and her training sessions and diet advice on Instagram.

Jeanette Jenkins’s Fitness Innovations

Jeanette recently shared a new full-body workout bound to cause sore muscles. The following exercises make women and men sweat. Jeanette trains with dumbbells for some of the exercises. But you can leave them out if the workout is otherwise too demanding. The list also includes some of her top diet recommendations for healthy living with great body fitness.

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Side Lunge to Front Kick

This exercise from Jeanette is the perfect combination of the popular lunges to the side and front kick. When performing this, it helps to position your arms in front of your upper body for balance.

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Push up to Squat Bicep Curl Shoulder Press

This exercise gets everything burning. It’s where the dumbbells can also come into play. To begin, start with the push-up position.

Stretch and support the arms on the dumbbells. Follow up with push-ups. Then, pull one leg after the other towards the dumbbells into the squat position.

Then press up firmly with your legs and take the dumbbells with you with a bicep curl. The dumbbells are then pressed over your head.

Plié Squat With Upright Row and Front Delt Lift

The starting position for this exercise is not called Plié Squat for nothing. That’s because the feet point outwards, like in the ballet position.

While you squat, it’s time for your arms to alternate between upright rows and front raises.

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Globet Squat

Globet squats are performed with a wider stance than regular squats. Here, too, the feet point slightly outwards.

You can position a dumbbell vertically in both hands in front of your upper body as an additional weight.

It is essential to tense the butt muscles throughout the entire execution so the exercise is particularly effective.

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Stationary Lunge With Bicep Curls

This exercise starts in the classic lunge position. However, you remain standing in place throughout the execution.

Back Row to Back Fly With Back Taps

The upper body is bent forward during this exercise, and the legs are alternately moved backward. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and row alternately. In the next step, press your arms up to the side.

Your head and back must form a straight line. Make sure you perform this exercise with strength and momentum.

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Chest Flies With Ab Double Leg Lower

The last exercise is perfect for your chest and stomach. You start by lying down with your legs stretched and stretching your arms to the side. Next, have a dumbbell in both hands. Your palms face upwards.

Lift your legs straight. Then stretch them upwards until they point into the air at a 90-degree angle to your upper body. Now bring the dumbbells together above your head with your arms. So, arms and legs meet in the air above the stomach.

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Tomato Plus Avocado for Cancer Fighting

Okay, she may not be the first to dish out this health advice. But it sure works for fighting some cancers.

The fats in avocado are a good one – largely mono-saturated. It helps make the cancer-fighting lycopene in tomatoes more powerful.

The Ultimate Smoothie for Fat Burning

Who doesn't like juice and smoothies? For fat-burning and reduction in Type-2 diabetes, Jeanette swears by the combo of spinach, apple, lemon, ginger, and turmeric.

Blend them in a blender and that's it. If you love juice, simply remove the shafts after blending. Check out the recipe here.

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