Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s Wellness Transformation and Lifestyle Change


Feb. 20 2024, Published 2:43 p.m. ET

Janet Jackson recently appeared unexpectedly at the Alexander McQueen 2023 show in London. She looked stunning in a black blazer, loose pants in the same shade, and a white shirt.

She had a high ponytail that unfolded in volume. A few braids, placed on the head end in a swirl to seal the attachment of the ponytail. Her look is enhanced by a gray eyeshadow enhanced with a black line.

But let’s be real…

She’s endured topsy-turvy periods of wellness. So, how has she transformed her health and lifestyle? Here’s a timeline explaining how she changed her lifestyle and wellness.

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Janet Jackson’s Journey to Wellness

Janet Jackson has had quite a long journey with weight fluctuations and depression throughout her career.

Battle With Depression

In 2018, she revealed she had “deep” depression in her 30s. This was due to an inferiority complex dating from childhood.

She was not happy until the birth of her first child in January 2017.

She said the decade following her 30th birthday was “difficult.” In her forties, she was hearing voices in her head berating her, questioning her worth. Happiness was elusive.

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True, a moment with her old friends could make her happy. A phone call from a colleague could make her happy. But because she sometimes felt like some relationships were failing because of her, she easily fell into despair.

According to Jackson, her feeling of inferiority dates back to childhood, and she linked it to goals that she wanted to achieve but were too far away. She also mentioned the problems of racism and sexism in her environment.

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Ups and Downs in the Spotlight

Aside from her depression story, one of the more notable moments in Jackson’s weight story was in September 2005. She was at her heaviest weight here. Her weight scale registered 180 pounds.

Despite the sudden weight gain, her ex-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri was very supportive. He expressed his love for her exactly as she was.

Emotional Eating

Janet has also admitted to turning to emotional eating.

So, what’s emotional eating? Well, it’s used to describe the act of eating indiscriminately as a coping method for stressful or difficult situations or emotions. It happened during stressful periods, such as recording albums in Janet’s case.

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Weight Loss and Return to Wellness

Late in 2005, Janet started losing weight after following a strict workout plan with personal trainer Tony Martinez. Five days a week!

In just four months, she lost 60 pounds! We even saw her new physique on the cover of the US Weekly. By the way, it was a moment she helped the issue become the best-selling issue in the magazine’s history. It’s never a coincidence!

Maintaining Balance

To sustain her newfound wellness, Janet sought professional guidance. With nutritionist David Allen, she started a balanced meal plan consisting of five smaller meals daily.

By 2010, Janet had found a balanced approach. She was in the middle ground and believed in her ability to take charge of her weight issues.

It’s not just a magazine. It’s a lifestyle!

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