Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe: Pioneering Innovation in Music and Tech


Dec. 1 2023, Published 2:51 a.m. ET

Janelle Monáe is not just another musical genius. Yeah, that’s despite the fact that she’s been singing since the turn of the millennium.

We’ve listened to Tightrope, Oh Makes, and The Electric Lady. She doesn’t dwell on a single genre. This multi-Grammy award nominee is so good in multiple genres, including their fusion in her artistic works. R&B, funk, pop, psychedelic soul and more. And yeah, she raps, too.

But let’s be real. She’s not just stopping at melodies and beats. Janelle wants to change the music itself. That’s why she’s going all-in into music-tech projects. She hopes to create a whole new vibe in both scenes and reshape how we groove to music.

Remixing the Musical Landscape with AI

Janelle is looking to use artificial intelligence to revolutionize music. Recently, she was in a chat with Zane Lowe on Apple Music. She pictures a future where AI can cook up tunes so close to the classics that even die-hard fans would struggle to tell the difference between the original Beatles and AI-crafted Beatles or Beach Boys tracks.

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Mind-blowing, right? She’s not called America’s most revolutionary artist for nothing. She has talked explicitly about AI’s potential to disrupt the music scene while dropping a subtle caveat for those against the AI technology in music – “It’s not going away.”

There have been arguments on the possibility of having a huge mess of unoriginal music hitting the space while casting copyright issues. But it’s all down to legislation and innovations. Deezer recently announced plans to auto-detect and delete autogenerated songs mimicking familiar artists. Technology always comes through!

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Tech Jam with Sonos

You must have heard the popular maxim here in the music world: “quality music is no longer for the geeks.”

Monáe’s teamed up with Sonos, those wizards behind the wireless hi-fi audio systems, to democratize what quality music is.

And this is not just some regular celeb endorsement. She’s diving in even deeper, becoming the face of Sonos and preaching the gospel of music experiences.

“I love being the mastermind behind the whole mood of the party,” she says. And with Sonos, she’s taking it up a notch.

You’ll see her plastered across national commercials, showing off how Sonos turns any gathering into an absolute banger of a party. And it fits her style perfectly – sleek, minimalist, just like her.

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Multi-Genre Musical Fusion

Let’s talk tunes now. If you’ve known Monáe for a while or listen to her works, you know she isn’t just one genre. Her music is a whole mix of different genres, modern and classic, all rolled into one groove.

Monáe is not just a singer. She’s a musical chameleon. She blends rhythms and lyrics that hit you right in the feels.

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Her tracks? They’re catchy. They’ve got depth, power, and a voice that truly speaks. She’s got a different, innovative way of making music that makes you understand she truly knows the tech of music.

And it’s not always about music. Monáe’s also out there, being a voice for change as much as possible. She comes out well for the LGBTQ+ community.

Her tracks are anthems of empowerment. For example, in “PYNK,” she champions individuality and freedom like a boss.

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