Halle Bailey

The Musical Genius of Halle Bailey: Exploring Her Artistry


Dec. 7 2023, Published 11:24 p.m. ET

Halle Bailey has taken the Hollywood scene by storm along with her sister. From the long-awaited live action The Little Mermaid to musical masterpieces like Ungodly Hour, Halle has truly made her mark and left us mesmerized with her talent and passion for music. It is not difficult to recognize her talent and love for music, but what exactly is it that makes her sound so unique and captivating? One may say that Halle’s tone is what makes her music so enjoyable. Another may say it’s her lyrics, but could it be a combination of both or more?

A Good Mix Makes Great Music.

Let’s be honest, being this huge in the music industry calls for a perfect mix of a few different things. One of things is relatability. Making a connection to the audience may be half the battle. After all, if there’s no connection then there's no power. Halle’s lyrics are not only catchy and melodic, but when you actually take a moment to listen closely, they are relatable.

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Songs like, Angel, have lyrics that are encouraging yet they are easily identifiable and align with the challenges of being a human being in today’s turbulent society. For example, “Do you ever make it out of your head? Do you still swim in your thoughts? Do you still mistake your flaws for property?” While these questions seem simple, it is easy to recall a point in time when you felt overwhelmed by your own thoughts or viewed your flaws as something to be ashamed of.

While reminding us of these troubling times, she quickly switches the focus to something positive by saying, “God sent you, you’re an angel”. This serves as a brief yet powerful reminder and resonates with the listener in a powerful way. Being sent implies purpose. Maybe we don’t want to admit it, but the desire for purpose is a driving force in our lives.

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Message Music is still good.

The deep harmonies strike its listeners in a meaningful way and draw them into the message of the song. It almost seems like a formula. Thought-provoking lyrics plus harmonies add a constant, steady rhythm and you have a little bit of magic. However, those can’t be the only factors that make Halle’s music so captivating. That being said, we must take a look at her style. Not only the fashions and looks in her videos and appearances, but more so the style of her music itself.

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One may say that “smooth” would be the perfect term to sum it up, and one may be correct. Her voice seems to glide over the music no matter what the song is. It creates an inviting and calm sound, which makes for an easy listen.

Simply put Halle Bailey has a unique sound and talent that can’t be denied. The mingle of tone, deep harmonies, relatable lyrics, and polishedness make up her magic as an artist. We cannot mention all this without tipping our hats to her unequivocal X-factor. It’s not a stretch to say that both Halle and her sister have made great strides with their art and music and will continue to do so.

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