Hailie Sahar

A Star's Musical Journey: Hailie Sahar's Debut Single “Star Traveler”


Dec. 28 2023, Published 4:34 p.m. ET

Fans got their first look at actress Hailie Sahar in Pose, as Lulu, an exotic dancer in the House of Abundance, using her own experience from the Los Angeles Ball scene. She went on to star in Freeform’s Good Trouble, but Hailie has added another credit to her resume: singer. The brunette beauty released her first single, “Star Traveler” in 2023 — opening up a new chapter in her life.

Finding a Voice Beyond the Screen

Hailie has entered a different world with “Star Traveler.” In the song, she reveals a self that is more than just the roles she plays on screen. The song attests to her sincerity and determination to dig deep into her creative resources. Moving from the storytelling medium of television to the sounding board of music is a bold step. Sahar makes it look easy as she invites her listeners into another part of herself.

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“I’m one of those people constantly analyzing why we’re here on this planet. I’m wondering what our existence is really about. A lot of times, we get caught up in the matrix and lose sight of the purpose that we were born with,” she told The Official Black Magazine of her decision to write the song. “This is something that we can all relate to. We lose sight of the things that really matter.”

She continued, “This song is a reminder for people to find and understand what really matters in their lives. Be bold and live in it, whatever that is.”

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Embracing Vulnerability Through Music

“Star Traveler” does not just mark her debut single but a discovery of herself. One of the most striking aspects of “Star Traveler” is Hailie’s experimentation with diverse musical genres. The song fuses pop, R&B, and electronic music. It also illustrates how Hailie fuses these different influences and musical styles to produce precisely the music that it is.

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Because “Star Traveler” is not limited to a particular genre, it is a celebration of the many surviving sounds that Sahar draws from. This insistence on not being held down by musical convention is fresh and gives a spunky unpredictability to the single, exciting audiences about what musical territory Sahar will pursue next.

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The Future of Sahar's Musical Odyssey

While “Star Traveler” rocks in the world of music, we cannot help but question where Hailie will go next. Some people say that going even deeper into one style would be her best choice, but do you agree? It is a testament to the boundless nature explored in her debut single. Crossing over to music, besides providing for career advancement, shows Hailie’s success is a confirmation that there are no limits on art creation. Whether she continues to surprise us with genre-blending singles or takes a more focused musical path, one thing is certain. Her musical career is only just beginning.

“Like me, all of us are constantly in a state of transition. When we hear the word transition nowadays, we equate it with being transgender. But we are all in a state of transition where we are always learning and growing,” she explained. “We aren’t ever supposed to stop those things in life. The moment you stop learning and growing is when you become a fool or start to have foolish ways. A smart person knows that they actually know nothing at all. That’s because if you know nothing at all, there’s always something to learn. This is what I live by.”

Not only is “Star Traveler” a debut single, but it is also part of the book of Hailie Sahar. In the journey from her early performance days to the undiscovered new worlds of music, she has always sought something other than truth and sincerity and no-limits art. Standing on the sidelines as audiences, waiting for this epic musical tale to continue, we wish Hailie’s rise had only begun.

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