GloRilla's Rapid Rise to Fame: Tracing Her Hip-Hop Journey


Dec. 2 2023, Published 2:44 p.m. ET

In the ever-changing landscape of the hip-hop genre, artists continuously strive to distinguish themselves. One hip-hop artist that’s managed to do this is GloRilla.

Born Gloria Woods, GloRilla has managed to carve out her own niche and make a unique mark on the industry with her dynamic style.

This enigmatic artist’s journey to stardom stands as a testament to her profound influence on contemporary hip-hop.

The Beginning: GloRilla’s Artistic Sound and its Origins

GloRilla’s story as an artist starts in the streets of North Memphis, TN, and this is where her raw sound and general passion for music originated.

GloRilla was born in 1999, and was thrust into a world where music was made with pulsating beats and electric, synth undertones, which she came to admire and weave into her songs. Her ear for music allowed her to craft a style that effortlessly mixed old-school hip-hop roots and modern sounds, creating for a delightful twist.

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This fusion is now noted as the hallmark of GloRilla’s discography and has allowed her to redefine the genre. However, GloRilla initially started as a singer, as she formerly sang at her church, but she stopped once she was in high school. This halt to her singing aspirations pushed her into the rap career she has today.

A Distinct Style: How GloRilla’s Songs Have Influenced Hip-Hop

What sets GloRilla apart from others in the industry is her unwillingness to conform when confronted with backlash due to her unconventional music style. Her songs showcase an array of emotions, and they take listeners on a ride. Ranging from her positive takes on life and what it has to offer to her tales of wanting to be free and confident, her songs have it all. Most notably, GloRilla is known for her recognizable voice. Her strong, charismatic delivery captures listeners and makes you want to listen.

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“When I first came out rapping, I was trying to sound like a little girl. I was saying some hard shit, but just in a little girly-ass voice,” she told Elle. “It was me trying to change my sound because I have a naturally deeper voice. I was kind of embarrassed because I wanted to sound like a girl.”

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However, she has fully embraced her real voice in 2021, adding, “That’s when I first changed my sound. That’s the year my voice started getting deeper and deeper.”

GloRilla’s beats are especially tantalizing, and her production style is one that successfully mixes old and new sounds in a way that captures a wider audience. She has effectively brought hip-hop into uncharted waters.

The Impact: How GloRilla Has Become a Cultural Force

GloRilla’s music has become a vehicle for change, as it goes beyond regular entertainment and stands as a form of empowerment and boldness for the younger generation. She’s shared the stage with artists like Cardi B and was signed by Yo Gotti’s CMG Labels in 2022, making her a game-changing artist.

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At the 65th annual Grammy Awards, GloRilla’s song “F.N.F.” was nominated for Best Rap Performance, and her single “Tomorrow” reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, and these two accomplishments don’t even cover all that she’s managed to achieve.

GloRilla has fostered a sense of community within the hip-hop scene and adds to the industry’s female heavyweights.

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“The initial prize was me getting to where I am right now,” GloRilla explained. “My friend and I recently had a conversation about how we are so focused on our future — what else can we do to be better than what we’re doing now? We forget that what we got right now is what we’ve [always] prayed for.”

The Journey: How GloRilla is Carving a Path for the Future

In the somewhat oversaturated music industry, GloRilla has managed to have a quick rise to fame, but she is further determined to succeed and reach her full potential as an artist. She’s given back to her community and is constantly in the studio working on new tracks.

As the hip-hop scene continues to evolve and others try to make their mark, GloRilla’s influence will undoubtedly be felt.

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