Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight Loss and Wellness Journey


Dec. 23 2023, Published 5:19 p.m. ET

The media and entertainment space is particularly picky and shallow-focused when it comes to body types, and Gabourey Sidibe has had a rough patch due to these standards. She has endured a series of negativity towards her due to her body size, which she has fiercely fought throughout her career. Now, the Precious movie star has become a weight loss inspiration after a remarkable weight shed of over 150 pounds.

Health-Threatening Obesity

Gabourey, who goes by Gabby, weighed on the plus side of 300 pounds, in addition to being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Her weight loss journey was less of an aesthetic chase than it was a medical remedy. It has cushioned her from the unforgiving effects of Type 2 diabetes and other health complications like bulimia, anxiety, and depression, which she has struggled with since her teenage years.

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From an Award-Winning Sensation to a Weightloss Ambassador

Gabby rose to fame after her nomination for the Academy Awards for Best Actress in Precious. Being a plus-size actor, this fame came with its downsides as it attracted more negativity towards her body, which she wasn't new to.

Growing up, she was constantly bullied by her friends at school and even at home, to the point of her father nicknaming her “Fatso.” She even revealed that her acting was therapeutic in some way, as she could pretend to be okay even though she wasn't. Rising to fame only heightened this bullying and embarrassment due to trolls and critics targeting her body shape.

The Surgery and Weight Loss Journey

Geared to rise above the trolls, Gabby set to weight loss routines to try and lose the stubborn fat on her body to no avail. It was at this point that she opted for laparoscopic bariatric surgery in 2016, where 80% of her stomach was cut off, significantly limiting her hunger and eating capacity.

Since then, she has committed to a healthy lifestyle routine, cutting down on needless calorie intake and prioritizing sustainable weight loss exercise. She worked to regain control over her body through:

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Watchful Diet and Workout

After the surgery, she even hired a nutritionist to ensure she got it right with her diet. She turned to a plant-based diet and went all out in gaining control over her body by:

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Avoiding Junk Food

Gabourey has been open about her unhealthy eating habits while growing up. She could gorge on fries, burgers, and lots of soda, which played a significant part in her unwanted weight gain. After deciding to make healthier diet choices, she replaced carbonated drinks with lemon water to keep her hydrated and help with detox. She also started snacking on hummus and nuts, keeping Oreo cookies and burgers, which were her favorites, off her plate.

Eating at the Right Time and Amount

In addition to eating healthy, she eats 6-7 mini meals a day, kicking the day off with a heavy breakfast and lighter meals throughout the day. She follows her personal nutritionist's recommendations on the right portion of fruits, carbs, and vegetables to help keep her weight in check.

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Regular Workouts

For exercise, she’s keen not to overdo strenuous exercise that will only scare her away from continuing. So, she started with light cardio and slowly increased her intensity as she became more comfortable with the routine.

She has three to four weekly exercise sessions with her trainer, thirty minutes each. Her workouts mainly consist of lunges, squats, and walking on the treadmill.

Surprisingly, despite weighing over 150 pounds, she went for aerial yoga, combining it with meditation sessions. This devotion has helped her get in better shape and cut her weight down to less than 100 pounds.

Turning the Narrative on Its Head

Gabby’s weight loss journey goes to show how far deep in the trenches willpower can get you off and help you face your fears head-on. She could have sat and soaked in self-pity all her life and accepted herself as a punching bag that anyone comes online to talk ill about, but she knew better. She used the trolls as fuel and took control over her body, and now she’s inspiring people through their body positivity struggles.

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