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FAMU Cheerleaders and Mielle Organics: A Historic Partnership


Dec. 13 2023, Published 12:26 a.m. ET

Nothing is better than when two historically Black organizations work together for the greater good of the community. That’s why when the cheerleading squad of Florida A&M University partnered up with leading hair brand Mielle Organics, it was a historic moment.

This was one of the first-ever NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) partnerships for a cheerleading squad, and it’s paving the way for more opportunities for cheerleaders. On the flip side, the partnership also provides Mielle Organics with more reach than ever before.

This was truly a win-win for both organizations and a big win for all BIPOC people.

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The Struggles of the Florida A&M University Cheerleaders

Cheerleading is a sport, but also not a sport. Getting into the team requires just as much dedication, practice, and fitness as it takes to get into other sports like basketball or football. Yet somehow, cheerleading is not considered a sport by many universities.

Since it’s not a “sport,” most cheerleaders do not get scholarships. Unlike the football players, they still have to pay for their education, while also representing their university in the big stages.

Whether cheerleading is a sport or not is certainly something to discuss, but there’s no doubt that the partnership with Mielle Organics is a huge help to the FAMU cheerleaders. Included in the $250,000 deal was financial support for the team.

“This brand is going to evolve FAMU Cheer,” said the co-captain of the cheer squad.

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Mielle Organics BIPOC-Centered Hair Products

As the name suggests, Mielle Organics creates hair products made from natural ingredients. They promote healthy hair growth and try to do away with the harmful chemicals that are so prevalent in the hair care industry.

But aside from that, Mielle Organics is also committed to diversity. Most hair care products are formulated with typical, straight hair in mind. For BIPOC people with more curly and textured hair types, these products can prove ineffective.

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That’s why Black-led hair companies like Mielle Organics are a breath of fresh air for the BIPOC community. With products that promote healthy growth, moisture retention, and definition, Mielle Organics addresses the problems that BIPOC people have been struggling with for too long.

Mielle Organics Commitment to HBCUs

Historically Black colleges and universities have always faced problems. While they provide invaluable education to less privileged communities, too often they don’t receive the funding required to stay running. HBCUs also have difficulty retaining students, losing them to the streets or students moving to PWIs.

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That’s why Mielle Organics is committed to helping these universities. Their president, Omar Goff, is a former alumnus of the Florida A&M University.

“I loved everything about my time at FAMU, and this is a full circle moment to give back in this way,” he said about the partnership.

Aside from their partnership with the FAMU cheerleaders, Mielle Organics also supports the BIPOC community through the Mielle Cares Foundation, which provides opportunities, educational resources, and business relief to black communities.

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