Inside SZA's Mind: Understanding Her Anxieties and Inspirations


Nov. 15 2023, Published 8:11 p.m. ET

SZA, a gifted singer-songwriter, hopped on X (formerly Twitter) recently to spill her inner thoughts, worries, and annoyances.

She gave her millions of followers a peek at what goes on inside her mind, letting fans get to know the person behind the tunes a bit better.

Coping: Her Anxieties Laid Bare

In an interview with Billboard, SZA shared her feelings, getting real about the challenges that come with being in the limelight.

She talked about how she carries such a heavy load and how worrisome it is to deal with fame and constant scrutiny. In a tweet, she jokes about hiding from the spotlight, saying "Not doing any videos interviews or photos for the rest of my life lol don’t ask."

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When discussing her mental health struggles, she tweeted, "It’s my OWN THOUGHTS THAT HIT DIFFERENT." The honesty in SZA's posts shows a glimpse into the inner struggles she faces, even with her success in the music biz.

Many people can connect with SZA's openness, feeling the pressure of not measuring up or the fear of disappointing others. In a world where social media often shows only perfection, SZA's realness reminds us that even successful artists deal with self-doubt.

Pet Peeves: SZA Keeps It Real

SZA does not just share her anxieties. She is unapologetically real about her pet peeves. She mentions some of the frustrations she deals with in the music industry. In another tweet, posted by Rap-Up, she writes, "No one teaches you how to enjoy ur life .. they teach you how to work for it."

Beyond the quirks that get under her skin, SZA does not shy away from addressing the challenges she faces as a woman in the music business. Here is what she had to say in an interview with Glamour, "I think we should let women be multifaceted. We should let women be bosses without being arrogant or being bitches."

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SZA is not afraid to draw attention to gender inequality in the music business. By addressing these challenges, she not only advocates for herself but also for the countless aspiring female artists striving to break through similar barriers.

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Inspiration: Fueling SZA's Creativity

In the middle of all the tweets and comments about what bugs SZA and gets on her nerves, you also find out what lights her creative spark. It shows that her art comes from a mix of different experiences and feelings. In a recent tweet, she addresses haters, writing in all caps, "I PRAY ALL NEGATIVE ENERGY IN MY DIRECTION CONTINUES TO BE TRANSMUTED INTO MORE BLESSINGS."

SZA's openness no doubt makes fans feel like they are peeking into her soul. Her words open a window to show what makes her who she is as an artist and a person. From the struggles of being famous to the everyday stuff that bothers her, SZA's thoughts are for real.

Her fans know that she is not just about music. They are invited to join her through the ups and downs, making the connection between her and the audience even more special.

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