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Erykah Badu's Guide to Holistic Wellness: Mind, Music, and More


Dec. 11 2023, Published 11:14 p.m. ET

Erykah Badu seems to have it all. She is a very successful singer, doula, and mother of three. The artist approaches wellness from her unique point of view – she grows her herbs and practices holistic healing.

This approach considers various elements of a person’s well-being. Here, people are encouraged to recognize the whole person – spiritual, mental, and physical – when it comes to their wellness. With this approach, it is believed that you can boost your overall health and prevent illnesses.

With that said, here is a quick breakdown of the singer’s unique approach to wellness.

Always Live in the Present

Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future can lead to unnecessary anxiety. As such, the famed singer prefers to stay in the present – the here and now. This is something she recommends for others looking to boost their well-being.

“I’m at peace because I’m right here in the moment. This is here, we are here, this is now. And staying in here gives me peace,” she told The Cut. “When I am worried about the past or concerned about the future, you know, there’s a little anxiety there.”

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The Mind-Body Connection

The singer recommends using yoga and stretching to appreciate and strengthen the connection between the body and mind. She says that this helps her remember herself.

“Breathing is my way of life. As a vocalist, just as a person who’s main focus is evolving, breathing—that’s my meditation. I enjoy yoga classes. I walk in meditation. I dance. I’m a ballerina. Modern jazz and tap,” she told Origin Magazine. “But I would love to get into a good yoga class if I can stay focused and breathe. I love the connection I have with myself every time I take a yoga class. It’s a very nice remembering, remembering the parts of me.”

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Come Up With a Morning Routine

To start every morning on the front foot, Erykah normally follows the same morning ritual.

“I do the same thing every day. I get up. Drink a lot of water. Have a wheatgrass shot. Drink some green juice. Eat as healthy as I can,” she shared with The Cut.

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Treat Your Body Well

Erykah is all about treating the body well. Comparing it to a sports car, the singer encourages anyone looking to boost their wellness to ensure that they only consume what is best for the body.

Practice Walking Meditation

Meditation is good for you. You don’t have to meditate by sitting down for hours. With that in mind, Erykah recommends practicing walking meditation.

“I practice walking meditation, meaning the breath – honing my breath at any moment,” she explained. “When I feel it getting shallow, that means I’m anxious about something and then I consciously slow it down and do some deep breathing.”

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Don’t Prioritize Sex

When it comes to relationships, Badu prioritizes companionship over sex. Furthermore, she believes that during the act, missionary is best – as it is good for your intestines, spleen, liver, and other internal organs.

To keep her vagina sweet, the singer swears by the effectiveness of consuming a drink of raw cranberries every now and then.

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You can achieve healing on a spiritual, mental, and physical level with the help of crystals. Different crystals have a variety of uses and benefits, so be sure to treat them as your friends – Erykah Badu does!

For instance, the singer uses a rock crystal deodorant to keep her body from being musty.

Practice Self-care

To stay happy and healthy, you must learn how to make time for yourself. The singer has a tee-pee, in which she gives herself adult time-outs!

Enjoy the New You!

As a seasoned believer and practitioner of holistic healing, Erykah Badu has a lot of wisdom and influence when it comes to wellness. The star uses her social media and interviews to share useful tips with her followers. You can get started on your wellness journey by practicing the holistic approach discussed above.

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