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Elizabeth Acevedo's Upcoming Literary Ventures


Feb. 17 2024, Updated 7:09 p.m. ET

Elizabeth Acevedo was born in 1988 and she is known for featuring characters from under-represented cultural backgrounds including African and Latino girls, in her literal works. Her literary works are quite interesting because they contain slang and informal language but she never ignores hip-hop poetic rhythms. She also incorporates themes that go with age, equality, and gender into her works to promote her decision to fight for equality in society. Her first novel was titled Beastgirl & Other Origin Myths which she released in 2016. The book was a collection of 21 poems that depict the Dominican myths and culture.

Elizabeth Acevedo’s Recognitions

Elizabeth Acevedo is a Dominican-American writer, and poet who is known for her many literary works and award-winning books. Elizabeth is the New York Times 2018 best-selling author for “Poet X”. Many of her other projects including; “With the Fire on High”, and “Clap When You Land were also awarded for different awards. She is known for writing poetry and novels in verse, especially for young adults. Her works are highly captivating and they always resonate with people of diverse generations even though the main target is young adults.

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Elizabeth Hopes to Promote Literal Activities in Schools

In past interviews, Elizabeth Acevedo promised to improve literature, especially among young school kids. To this end, she advocates for more diverse representation in children’s education nationwide. Since Elizabeth was one of those who learned to speak and write English through poetry, she believes young children will benefit tremendously and improve their vocabulary skills through literature.

In addition to promoting literacy among children and young adults, Elizabeth is one of the vocal people who speaks against rape against young women in low-income and under-represented communities.

Elizabeth Acevedo’s Current and Future Plans

Elizabeth Acevedo has been attending a few media interviews lately and has given some hints about what she intends to do in the future. She intends to do more audiobook narrators and at the same time release paperback novels and books. She isn’t new to audiobook narration, she narrated With the Fire on High audiobook in 2019, and Clap When You Land in 2020. Her recent work is the book titled “Family Lore released in 2023. With new books to be released in 2024, Elizabeth has refused to provide titles or what to expect in her future works, she wants to make it a surprise for her fans.

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Elizabeth Acevedo’s Plans to Increase Awareness of Social Issues

In her published works, one can easily notice Elizabeth’s passion to include gender representation and the emancipation of under-represented people from diverse backgrounds. Elizabeth intends to keep this up by promoting activities that will ensure the liberation of colored people from diverse communities across the country. She also uses her social media platform to promote mental awareness and the need to put an end to different issues plaguing minorities in the country.

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Elizabeth has been invited to several talk shows and events organized in the field of academics where she narrates her journey in the literal field and encourages students to pursue their passion in poetry.

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