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Skincare Secrets from Monet McMichael


Feb. 20 2024, Published 11:13 a.m. ET

One thing you will notice in Monet McMichael's videos is how much she appreciates how her skin looks so hydrated, radiant, and dewy. She keeps her beauty routine secrets, and those are the main things she promotes to her followers regularly. Nine years ago, when Monet was just 14, she said she was going to make her skin look good. Though she jokingly said it, she eventually realized her dream many years later. Aside from her regular YouTube and other social media channels, Monet has shared her secret beauty routine in interviews and shows.

Monet’s Skin Care Routine

According to Monet, she rarely steps out of her home more than once a week. When she is home, she wears no makeup. She admits her nighttime beauty routine is her most important because it is the time when she relaxes.

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McMichael would turn off the lights and then turn on the music before adjusting her shower water to the hottest temperature. She makes sure she has access to her exfoliating towel and other tools, like a spin brush and sugar scrubs. All these items are used in exfoliating her skin. Once she exfoliates her skin, she tries to get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep each night.

What’s Her Secret and Routine

Monet’s secret to achieving dewy and constantly hydrated skin lies in her choice of double-cleansing. She relies on Elemi brand essential oil that has been blended with a nourishing balm to melt her skin’s excess oil and makeup. The cleansing doesn’t stop there as Monet will reach for her “Glow Recipe” face wash, which is a special formulation containing ceramides and other ingredients that create a lotion-foam texture.

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In between each cleansing step, Monet will spritz her body with a special Caudalie elixir mist. With all these combinations, Monet achieves an all-day long hydrated and dewy skin that looks refreshed and glowing.

She often shares her pictures on her social media after applying her routine makeup. It is important to point out that the last product in Monet’s routine, which is the Caudalie Elixir mist adds high radiance and moisture levels and provides extracts of lemon balm and rosemary oils to the skin.

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What Products Does Monet Promote on Her Pages?

Monet McMichael, being a successful influencer, has a passion for promoting the products she uses, especially when she gets results. Aside from the regular ones like Elemi’s collagen cleansing balm and Glow recipe avocado ceramide moisture cleanser, she also promotes La Mer skin treatment lotion, Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance serum, and the BAIMEI Gua Sha facial tool.

Monet Gets Inspiration and Affection from Minority Communities

Monet McMichael does not joke about hanging out with her relatives and close friends. She is particularly fond of chilling with her mom, and according to her, her growing community of followers has made her safer. She was anxious in the beginning about her business being in public, exposing her to diverse opinions and criticism. She is happy to have created a space where everyone can just be human.

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