Condola Rashad's Path to Wellness: Balancing Art and Health


Aug. 27 2023, Updated 9:51 a.m. ET

Condola Rashad is the daughter of the extremely talented Ahmad and Phylicia Rashad. From a very young age, she was exposed to the world of theatre and acting, thanks to her mother’s role in The Cosby Show.

Well, talent clearly runs in the family because Condola been nominated for the four Tony Award in her career and is considered one of the best actresses of her generation.

Her amazing performances lead some to believe that she has a meticulous routine for stage and screen, but what’s surprising is that despite her successes, Condola’s wellness routine remains quite simple.

So, what does Condola do to stay healthy off stage? Keep reading to find out.

The Diet and Exercise Balancing Act

“If I have a burger at lunch, then I’ll have a salad at dinner,” she said in an interview with Equinox. Unlike other actresses, Condola doesn’t follow a strict diet. For her, dieting and staying healthy is a balancing act instead of an exact science.

Condola even loves pizza, a food that most wouldn’t associate with fit actresses. However, she watches what she eats, and makes an effort to balance it out as soon as possible.

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When it comes to exercise, Condola doesn’t follow a strict regimen either. She works out, of course, no one can be so fit without it, but her workouts are mostly unregulated.

She runs four to five times a week and does healthy amounts of yoga to stay flexible, but nothing like the intense programs other actresses follow.

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Condola’s Connection to Music

Wellness doesn’t only have to do with diet and exercise. For Condola, music also plays a huge part in her performances on stage and screen. When Condola was only 4 years old, she began playing the piano, and she was a musician before she turned actress.

Condola has even said she uses music to tap into her characters. “Whenever I’m working with a character, my way into that character is always through music. Every single character I’ve ever played has always had a playlist,” she explained to The Pool.

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Spending Time With Herself

Finally, Condola also likes to spend time in nature. Finding time to be alone and sit under a tree while the world spins madly on gives her peace, and helps her reconnect to herself.

Condola has said that being able to sit with herself, instead of always running away, has made her learn so many things about herself that she didn’t know before.

Condola Rashad: An Actress Just Like Us

While no one doubts Condola is a stellar talent, there’s something very admirable about her simple wellness routine. When people look at her regimen, they don’t see something built for only the top 1% of people.

Instead, what they find is a simple balancing act. Something that you and I have all tried once or twice or three times. What sets her apart is her discipline, and her ability to keep up with it even though there is very little structure involved.

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