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Feud Alert: Coi Leray and Latto's Heated Hip-Hop Beef Explained


Sep. 21 2023, Published 3:30 p.m. ET

In the world of hip-hop, controversy between rappers is nothing new. In recent months, two young female rappers have quickly become the center of a raging feud that just won’t seem to end.

In early 2023, a feud started between Coi Leray and fellow female rapper Latto. Fortunately, both parties appeared to have quashed the beef, before things could turn ugly. However, as soon as things started settling down the feud was reignited by the rappers, thanks to the inflammatory lyrics in their respective songs. This coupled with fan antagonism seems to have created more bad blood between the artists – with the beef threatening to spill over to their parents.

How It Started

The feud between rappers, Coi Leray and Latto started when the former voiced her reaction to being mentioned in the latter’s diss track supposedly targeting fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj. The track in question is Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor.”

In the contentious line, Latto raps, “Smokin' on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray/Bitches like to run their mouths but I'm the type to run the fade.” Leray was not impressed with the line, and her name being mentioned therein taking to X (formerly Twitter) to voice her concerns. Leray equated the line to body shaming.

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Quashing the Beef

However, after a while, Leray went on social media and appeared to be taking back her scathing responses to the mention of her name in Latto’s song. In a tweet, she stated that maybe she overreacted in her initial response. But, she was adamant that she did not want to be mentioned on any songs by anyone she was not tight with.

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In what appeared to be the final nail in the coffin, rapper Latto gave a shout-out to Leray during her Coachella set. She took to the stage and said, “By the way, I love your body, baby.” Even though Leray was not present – she expressed her appreciation for the shout-out on her social media.

Fans Fuelling the Flames

Leray seemed to spark up the feud – which was thought to be dead and buried – again when one of the lyrics in her new song (released in July 2023) appeared to be targeting Latto. In the track, Leray raps, “Yeah, I’m on the edge/ Hop up on that couch and roll lil Latto out the bag/ I don’t need a stylist, they can’t f–k with Coi Leray.”

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The line started a heated argument between fans of the two stars. Latto did share her thoughts on how fan antagonism fuels beef between artists. In a recent interview with XXL magazine, she said that fans turn artists against each other when they start comparing them.

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Getting their Parents Involved

The seemingly never-ending beef between the two female rappers took a new twist when Latto mentioned Benzino – Leray’s father – in her verse in the remix to Young Nudy’s “Peaches & Eggplant.” In the track she raps, “He wanna know if it’s real or it’s fake / I got a peach on the back like a plate / I got him eatin’ my booty on tape / I might expose him like 1090 Jake / He don’t eat p—-y, he gots to go / Give me that neck like Benzino.”

Latto clapped back by going on X and asking for someone to find her a picture of “Karen” – seemingly referring to Latto’s Caucasian mother.

Like most beefs in hip-hop, this one does not appear to be ending any time soon.

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