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Coco Jones and SWV: Bridging Eras of R&B


Dec. 16 2023, Published 5:21 p.m. ET

Coco Jones and SWV (Sisters with Voices) are very contrasting artists in their musical style and the era they dominated. Coco is known for her roles in the Disney Channel movies Let It Shine (2012) and Radio Rebel (2012). But besides that, she has cemented her name in the music industry thanks to her musical versatility and soulful soul.

On the other hand, there isn't much about the SWV girl group that we can say that loyal R&B fans do not know. The trio is one of the top-selling girl groups of all time, together with other popular girl bands such as Destiny’s Child, The Supremes, and TLC.

However, Coco Jones and the SWV have one thing in common—their love for R&B and musical prowess. In this article, we will discuss more about these R&B Queens and how they are bridging different eras of R&B.

Musical Journey

Coco Jones launched her career in 2012 as a child star, making her first appearance in Disney Channel’s film Let It Shine, and started making music with the network’s Hollywood Records. In 2013, Coco Jones released her debut album, "Made Of,” consisting of four songs— “Holla at the DJ,” “World is Dancing,” “Deja Vu,” and, of course, “Made Of.” The singer-actor was attracting a fanbase that would later make her resume music after parting ways with Hollywood Records and focused on independently making music and social media content for a smaller audience.

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"I felt defeated at the time, and then I saw this tweet [in 2020], and it was like, 'Man, what happened to Coco? She was supposed to be the next up,’” the singer told PEOPLE.

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The R&B trio made of Cheryl (Coko) Gamble, Tamara (Taj) George, and Leanne (Lelee) Lyons started as a gospel group in 1988 before transitioning to the genre they are known for today. They have succeeded in the industry and blessed fans with timeless musical hits such as “Rain.”

Although they are known for unforgettable hits, it was their 1992 single “Weak” that launched them into the music industry and propelled their career to where it is today. The three continue to serenade music lovers with soulful sound and smooth harmonies that have been their signature style for decades.

Bridging Eras of R&B

Coco Jones has always been known for her versatility and effortless blend of R&B, soul, and hip-hop.

“I wanted to show different sides of myself and what I offer the world sonically. So ‘Double Back’ was a great follow-up record to demonstrate my versatility,” Coco said when talking about her song “ICU.”

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Her single “Double Back” from her Grammy-nominated EP, "What I Didn’t Tell You" sounded familiar and nostalgic to music lovers. The song sampled the classic hit “Rain” by the ‘90s trio SWV.

During the 2023 Soul Train Awards, fans got a taste of both worlds when the Bel-Air actor took to the stage with SWV to perform a beautiful rendition of “Rain.” While still different in their style, the synergy between Coco and the trio created a remarkable masterpiece that transcends time, wonderfully showcasing the fusion of generations of pure talent.

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The Timeless Beauty of R&B

You cannot deny the beauty and soulfulness of R&B music that has dominated the scenes for decades. The genre has a proclivity to hit your emotions harder than any music genre. The fusion between contemporary and ‘90s R&B has highlighted the times beauty of music and the versatility of SWV and R&B. Just because they dominated the ‘90s music scenes doesn’t mean that the Sisters with Voices lost their touch.

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