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Style and Fashion Startups Inspired by Claire Sulmers


Feb. 20 2024, Published 2:20 p.m. ET

It's festive, which means it's time to rock with the latest fashion. In the evolving world of fashion, there are many trendsetters, and perhaps you have one in mind. Nevertheless, Claire Sulmers, the visionary force behind Fashion Bomb Daily, has not only set trends but has also become a muse for a new wave of entrepreneurs aiming to redefine the fashion narrative. Claire Sulmers stated in an interview with CFDA about Fashion Bomb Daily: "Our mission-vision-purpose is to be the change we want to see in the world and to be reflective of the diversity and the beauty we see in the streets.

To showcase dope fashion, regardless of race, socio-economic background, size, color, shape, and age. To be a beacon of light and positivity in the fashion industry." In this article, we delve into 10 style and fashion startups that have drawn inspiration from Claire Sulmers' distinctive vision.

1. Melanin Couture Collective

Melanin Couture Collective is a fashion startup that embraces the beauty of melanin skin tones. Inspired by Claire Sulmers' advocacy for diversity, this brand offers a range of clothing that complements and enhances its users' rich and varied hues. Sulmers' brand is a fashion-forward brand that mirrors her own commitment to inclusivity and diversity. This startup focuses on creating clothing that celebrates different body types, skin tones, and personal styles. From bold patterns to classic essentials, her threads empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

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2. AfroThreads

Borrowing from Claire Sulmers' approach to hairstyles, AfroThreads is a fashion trend among many Black fashion and design artists that focus on Black culture and inspirations. This movement of cultural influence prides itself on natural styles, vivid colors, and sustainable development within fashion. It creates clothing that complements and enhances the beauty of natural hair, empowering individuals to embrace their unique cultural identities. With the growing focus on authentic Black fashion, it makes sense why trends like Afro Threads are gaining such popularity.

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3. Indigenous Elegance

Claire Sulmers' impact is evident in traditional craftsmanship. Indigenous Elegance portrays the beauty of indigenous artistry by creating fashion pieces that honor and celebrate heritage. Inspired by Sulmers' inspirational take on Fashion Bomb Daily, this brand further works on improving sustainability and fashion design. Its goal is to ensure users have memorable fashion experiences. From start to finish, every piece of their handcrafted clothing is entirely organic, natural, and sustainable with a focus on ethical production throughout the entire process- something Sulmers would approve of.

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4. African Prints Revival

Borrowing from Sulmers' idea of recognizing global fashion influences, African Prints Revival uniquely combines modern fashion with traditional African prints. It offers classic patterns that lead to a resurgence of African fashion on a global scale. Fueled by Claire Sulmers' inspirational stand and dedication to celebrating diversity, the revival and popularity of African-inspired prints is being seen throughout the fashion industry. The focus on African culture and fabrics is making it easier than ever for Black designers to pay homage to their roots and their heritage.

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5. Fashion Forward Foundation

Stirred by Claire Sulmers' philanthropic efforts, the Fashion Forward Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports emerging designers and fosters diversity in the fashion industry. This foundation aims to empower the next generation of fashion trailblazers through mentorship programs, grants, and educational initiatives. With new voices being added and new perspectives always on the horizon, inspirational brands and companies like Fashion Forward keep things moving forward with Black fashion trends. It is a breath of fresh air for the industry as a whole.


Black fashion inspiration plays a crucial role in shaping contemporary style, offering a rich tapestry of cultural expression and creativity. Rooted in history, Black fashion reflects resilience, innovation, and a celebration of individuality. Today, it serves as a powerful tool for breaking stereotypes and promoting inclusivity. By embracing and acknowledging Black fashion inspiration, we not only honor diverse cultural narratives but also contribute to a more vibrant and dynamic global fashion landscape that values authenticity and equality.

Claire Sulmers' influence in the fashion world goes beyond her role as a style icon and social media inspiration. These newest trends and fashion brands serve as a testament to her impact, showcasing how her vision has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs to redefine the fashion landscape. As these ventures continue to flourish, it's evident that Claire Sulmers' legacy will continue to shape the future of style and fashion within the Black community for years to come.

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