Revolutionizing Wellness: Black Innovators in Health and Fitness

Revolutionizing Wellness: Black Innovators in Health and Fitness


Aug. 18 2023, Published 7:13 a.m. ET

The Black population continues to face discrimination and barriers across various sectors. Nevertheless, they continue to beat the odds, and there’s no better time to acknowledge their work in health and fitness than now. Having faced intergenerational trauma, many Black entrepreneurs are shifting to physical and mental wellness entrepreneurship not only as a source of income but also as an act of cultural heritage.

For the Black folks prioritizing health and wellness, it’s prudent to know Black innovators who are revolutionizing the health and fitness industry. Whether it’s yoga, fitness, nutrition, or health products, these innovators significantly impact the black community. This article spotlights a few Black innovators and entrepreneurs making strides in the health and fitness industry.

1. Philip Garner: Founder of Garner’s Garden

One name that often pops up when discussing health and fitness among blacks is Philip Garner, the first African American to manufacture antibacterial mouthwash. Philip operates Garner’s Garden, a company that aims to help Black people attain holistic health by creating all-natural beauty products.

Founded in 2012, Garner’s Garden is centered on natural skincare products sold at markets and events. He has made tremendous sales and has even been featured on national television.

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2. Obi Obadike: Fitness and Nutrition Expert

Obi Obadike has been instrumental in revolutionizing wellness and fitness in the Black community. As a fitness and nutrition expert, Obadike is a transformative leader who empowers individuals through books, programs, and collaborations centered on health and fitness. He is committed to challenging people of color to adopt self-love, self-belief, and a sense of belonging.

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3. Keon and Tasha Mask: Founders of Uncommon Runners

Keon and Tasha Mask are making big strides in health and fitness for the Black community. Through their community program that embraces distance running, they focus on recognizing the underrepresentation of the Black community in marathons. As a result, they have founded “Uncommon Runners,” where each runner feels acknowledged.

Besides distance running, Keon and Tasha Mask majors in events, mentorship programs, and advocacy work centered on inclusivity, a fight that people of color continue to engage in. Through their works, the Masks foster belongingness among black people.

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4. Hannah Bronfman: Tech-Driven Wellness Entrepreneur

Hannah Bronfman is perhaps one of the names you are acquainted with, as she has been in the headlines more than once for his revolutionary wellness app, HBFIT. As technology evolves, so does health and fitness. Hannah is leveraging the power of technology to provide fitness routines, nutrition advice, and mental health support to the black community.

Everyone is on the web, and through HBFIT, Hannah merges technology and wellness to serve the greater population. She ensures health and wellness are accessible to everyone in their comfort.

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5. Marc Washington: Owner of Supergut

Marc Washington is one of the Black innovators who are transforming the industry. Through his Supergut company, Marc empowers individuals, more so the Black community, to embrace and love their bodies. He sells various products, including shakes, bars, and fiber mixes that strengthen gut health. He is committed to establishing a healthier world.

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Black Community Empowerment

Having your own as a health and fitness expert is always a sense of relief. Countless Black innovators are revolutionizing the health and fitness sector. Through their fitness programs, books, companies, and healthcare products, the black community feels represented in the business industry.

The impact of these trendsetters goes beyond health and fitness. They empower the Black community, create a space for self-love, and encourage others to attain holistic health despite several barriers. As they continue to make strides, you must acknowledge and promote their ventures.

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