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10 Black Influencers Who Are Shaping the Beauty Industry


Dec. 29 2023, Published 8:34 p.m. ET

Black influencers continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. As name-makers and trendsetters, we are seeing more and more Black influencers shaking up the industry today. They offer inside perspectives and expert advice in skincare, offer product reviews, and advocate for the importance of diverse makeup shades.

These influencers go beyond conventional beauty standards, providing a fresh perspective and influencing the industry's direction. Black Beauty Influencers are resonating with diverse audiences seeking genuine and relatable insights.

Popular Black Beauty Influencers

Black beauty influencers are spreading their beauty wisdom worldwide. They talk about skincare and review products, all while pushing for makeup that works for everyone. Find their hair and makeup tutorials on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and beauty blogs. Below are 10 of the best.

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1. Monet McMichael (@MonetMcMichael) – 3.7M Followers

Monet McMichael is a force of artistic excellence with a whopping 3.7 million followers. Her journey plays homage to self-expression, and her platform celebrates diversity in beauty. Navigating her Instagram, you will find a canvas of bold makeup looks from avant-garde to everyday glam.

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2. Golloria (@Golloria) – 1.3M Followers

Golloria entertains 1.3 million followers and is a beauty expert online. Her Instagram shows her passion for cool looks that mix high fashion and street style. People love Golloria not just for her beauty tips but also because she shows how to live a stylish life.

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3. Vanessa Gyimah (@Vanessa_Gyimah) – 522K Followers

Vanessa Gyimah interacts with 522,000 followers while bringing a genuine touch to the beauty scene. Her Instagram gives everyday beauty routines, skincare tips, and honest product recommendations. Gyimah's friendly approach makes her a reliable source in a market filled with trends and gimmicks.

4. Sean Garrette (@SeanGarrette) – 94.8K Followers

Sean Garrette has a 94.8K subscriber following and is all about breaking stereotypes in beauty. He unapologetically shows that makeup is not just for one gender and does not have to follow the usual rules. Sean's Instagram creates beauty ideas with a mix of colors, textures, and techniques.

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5. Tenille Murphy (@TheTennilleLife) – 217K Followers

Tenille Murphy, followed by 217,000 people, is an influencer known for lifestyle and beauty. Murphy emphasizes that genuine beauty goes beyond conventional standards, believing it originates from within. Tenille embraces her silver, curly hair and encourages others to find joy in life, just as she does as a mature and self-assured Black woman.

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6. Whitney Maduke (@WhitneyMadueke) – 110K Followers

Whitney is super popular on Instagram for beauty stuff. She shares her best makeup tricks and styles with over 110,000 followers. You will see everything from chill home makeup to her Nigerian roots. People love Whitney's glowing skin and happy smile.

7. Damilola Pattrik Ade (@SenorFenty) – 655K Followers

Damilola is a beauty content creator famed for sharing funny content and demonstrating his talent in the industry. He loads his TikTok with cool beauty and makeup videos. Damilol is always sincere and honest while showing how makeup is for all genders, keeping his videos enjoyable for over 655,000 followers.

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8. Raye Boyce (@ItsMyRayeRaye) – 1.9M Followers

Since 2012, Raye's been sharing her favorite makeup looks and trends on her YouTube channel. She has skills when it comes to beauty, covering everything from makeup to skincare and hair care in her posts. With over 1.9 million subscribers, people tune in to Ray's channel for a fresh perspective on beauty.

9. Jackie Aina (@JackieAina) – 3.5M Followers

Jackie shines as a makeup expert on YouTube. Since 2006, her mission has been to shake up beauty norms, one post at a time. She spills on family life and drops the best product reviews and tutorials. With over 3.5 million subscribers, Jackie's a big shot in beauty, ruling the platform.

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10. Patricia Bright (@PatriciaBright) – 2.8M Followers

Since 2009, Patricia's been dropping beauty wisdom on social media platforms. With a whopping 2.8 million YouTube fans, she is a big deal in the beauty game. Patricia spills the beans on savvy beauty buys, tips for fellow influencers, product reviews, and her go-to trendy styles.

The Influence of Black Influencers on Beauty Culture

The impact of Black influencers on beauty culture is undeniable. Their authentic voices and commitment to inclusivity have reshaped industry norms. By sharing their expertise and challenging conventional standards, they have cultivated a more diverse and representative beauty landscape.

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