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Bianca's Braid Revolution: Bianca Belair


Feb. 17 2024, Published 8:47 p.m. ET

“I always think about the role models I had when I was a little girl. They really made me feel how big I could dream, they made me feel I could do things I did not think I could do before. And because of them, I went and did what I did, and I am where I am now,” Bianca Belair told Hindustan Times

WWE wrestler Bianca Belair effortlessly rocks a long-braid signature braid look while in the arena. The look attracted major buzz ever since she first set foot in the arena wearing it. And that’s what exactly the wrestler intended when she chose it.

She considers it a symbol of personal empowerment, a way to show off her heritage and inspire others to embrace their individuality. The long braid is now part of her wrestling persona and has had an impact on beauty and fashion trends beyond the ring.

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Bianca’s Braid: A Symbol of Strength, Confidence, and Unique Presence

While most wrestlers take to wearing flashy fits as a way to command presence in the ring, Bianca expresses her unique presence through her braid. Not only does it make her stand out, but it also serves as her best weapon, often incorporating it as the element of surprise during her signature face-buster finisher move which she calls “the Kiss of Death.” She once whipped it across opponent Shayna Baszler’s torso so hard, that it left an immediate cut that took weeks to heal while in other instances she used it to tie her opponents up.

But her weapon of surprise also comes at a cost as it has in other instances been used against her with opponents pulling at it to throw her down. Still, this doesn’t take from the braid’s allure. If anything, it brings an additional layer of excitement and a dramatic flair to all her matches.

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Bianca’s Belair’s Braid Influence on Beauty and Fashion

The confident persona Bianca Belair portrays with her braid couldn’t come at a better time--it aligns with the current trend of embracing individuality and celebrating diversity in the fashion world. Consequently, it has not only helped her build an iconic persona in the WWE wrestling arena but also inspired beauty and fashion trends outside the arena.

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Fans including kids who admire her presence have taken to recreating the look on social media, while individuals in the fashion world are now confidently experimenting with long braids, and incorporating them into their styles. As a result, social media platforms, including Reddit and YouTube are now awash with posts, and video tutorials detailing how to pull off the Belair braid.

Her influence even extends to fashion runways where designers are now adopting, and recreating it into their runway shows and collections.

An Iconic Symbol of Individuality

Bianca Belair’s iconic braid is undoubtedly her best strength. Not only does it enhance her visual appeal, but also serves as a practical weapon in her arsenal of strengths during matches. Beyond the ring, the braid has seen her fans emulate her, and the fashion industry taking notes. It also has had tongues wagging all over with people wondering whether it’s real or fake. So, is it real? According to Belair it is her real hair. The two-time champion admitted to having pretty long hair.

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“I’ve never actually measured the hair, but it’s pretty long. Preparing it for every match is a task. I’m not even going to lie about that. It’s a task!” Bianca Belair said in a Miami Herald Interview

Overall the braid is a significant component of her overall image and influence and an iconic symbol of individuality in and outside the arena.

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