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The Sweet Success of Beauty Bakerie


Feb. 17 2024, Published 6:52 p.m. ET

Beauty Bakerie is a unique cosmetic brand company that has grown over the years to become a major player in the beauty industry. Founded in 2011, the brand is known for its unique approach to creating top-quality beauty products alongside distinctive bakery-themed packaging and promotional activities. One thing you can't take away from these products is that they provide all-day, lasting results and they can be easily applied and removed anytime. The success story achieved by Beauty Bakerie over the years was the result of sustainable production and marketing strategies and the brand’s ability to build trust in its customers.

"To go from food stamps to a multi-million dollar business, it's a testament of how much you can overcome, how many no's and how many doors can slam before you can get back up." – Cashmere Nicole

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Beauty Bakerie Strategy

Beauty Bakerie’s growth in the beauty industry is based on its commitment to providing cruelty-free, vegan products that last much longer than conventional products. Since consumers want a longer-lasting product that will offer greater economic benefits, they would rather pay to have Beauty Bakerie products than most other options they have tried in the past.

The brand gained rapid popularity through its best-selling product- Lip Whips, which is a liquid lipstick known for its long-lasting stay power. It also comes in a range of colors and different options that match different lip sizes and features. This long-lasting product appeals to users looking for lip applications that would withstand daily wear even when they are not constantly applied.

The strategy is therefore to create long-lasting beauty products that don’t cost much yet provide the longest-lasting effect even when a little of it is applied.

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Unique Packaging and Marketing Strategy

In addition to providing long-lasting products, Beauty Bakery has also witnessed tremendous growth in the beauty industry through its unique brand packaging and marketing strategy. The brand uses playful dessert-themed packaging for all its products. The products are often enclosed in packages that resemble food items; for instance, the brand’s lip glosses are packaged in packages resembling ice cream cones while the eyeshadow palettes are packaged in items resembling waffle cones.

With this distinctive packaging and marketing approach, the brand has set itself apart from other products in the market, and that contributes some fun and image-boosting effects.

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Social Media Leveraging

Beauty Bakerie has successfully leveraged its social media platforms to create a unique marketing strategy that helps build customer loyalty. The brand uses its Instagram to showcase newly-launched and existing products, emphasizing their benefits to customers. The brand also collaborates with makeup artists and beauty influencers to engage their followers online and to expand their reach and appeal to other markets.

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Commitment to Inclusivity

Beauty Bakerie continues to develop and launch shade ranges that appeal to people of different skin tones and backgrounds. With this strategy, customers of different skin tones will always find suitable options that match their skin. The brand’s message is to celebrate diversity and inclusivity thus empowering more people to embrace their individuality while expressing themselves through the brand’s makeup and other beauty products.

Overall, Beauty Bakerie’s brand growth and popularity can be attributed to its dedication to inclusivity, great quality, and distinctive marketing strategy and these continue to resonate with consumers looking for effective, long-lasting, and fun products that will save them money.

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