Ava DuVernay's Visionary Style Is Transforming Documentary Filmmaking


Aug. 1 2023, Updated 11:41 p.m. ET

Ava Duvernay is a formidable player in filmmaking. Is it a wonder her way of telling compelling stories stirred up the documentary circuit?

Her last three documentaries show her non-conformance style while highlighting untold stories that need telling. A game changer in documentary filming, Ava reinvents storytelling narratives, breaking away from traditional documentaries. She weaves intriguing stories to hold people’s attention while leading them to be sympathetic but educated on various issues.

Crafting Narratives with Heart: A New Lens on the Familiar

In her documentary 13th, Ava takes a hard-hitting look at the U.S. prison system and its deep-rooted connection to racial inequality. However, what sets her apart is not just the subject matter — it’s her ability to weave a narrative hits you square in the chest. There is no highfalutin jargon here — Ava communicates complex issues with a clarity that resonates.

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In 13th, she uses interviews, archival footage, and animation to break down the intricate web of mass incarceration. It is not a dry lecture but a conversation that everyone can join.

“Yeah, the documentary was built for two different kinds of audiences - folks out there that know about this and folks out there that have never heard of it,” she explained to NPR. “There's something that's illuminated when you put it all together as a whole.”

Whether you are a history buff or just somebody trying to make sense of the world, Ava speaks to you, not above you.

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The Power of Witnessing: "When They See Us" Unveils Injustice

Turning the lens on a painful chapter in American history, Ava’s When They See Us tells the chilling story of the Central Park Five. It shows that Ava’s power lies in her ability to show all characters in a story as human, making injustice relatable without losing its significance.

She blends real-life interviews with dramatized reenactments, steering away from the clinical detachment often seen in documentaries. You are not just watching. You are bearing witness to the lives forever changed by a flawed system. When They See Us is not just a documentary film. It is a mirror reflecting the stark realities that many would turn away from.

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Shattering Stereotypes: ‘13th’ and Beyond

Ava’s influence goes beyond the screen. For example, 13th is a documentary exploring the systemic cause of racial discrimination, but it does not stop there. Ava is not only about presenting issues. Her lens breaks stereotypes, which reexamines perceptions and understanding. She steers clear of the one-facet plot traps.

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Ava makes her audience rethink what they assume is true and encourages conversation instead of separation.

“They're all just entryways to get people more interested about these things and more passionate about them in their own heart,” she added. “And that was my goal and, you know, hopefully 13TH gets people thinking about these issues.”

Ava stands as a trailblazer in documentary filmmaking, not because she uses flashy techniques or loud language, but because she speaks a language everyone understands—the language of humanity. From 13TH to When They See Us, her work is not just about documenting. It is about dissecting, discussing, and, most importantly, interpreting untold stories.

She does not just illuminate the dark corners of society, but she hands us a flashlight and invites us to explore together. In an age of information overload, Ava’s documentaries are a refreshing sip of unfiltered truth — a call to action packaged in the most relatable cinematic language.

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