Asmau Ahmed

Asmau Ahmed’s Plum Perfect: AI for Personalized Beauty Recommendations


Nov. 20 2023, Updated 10:03 p.m. ET

First-time makeup shopping has always been challenging. As much as you would want to enhance your look, finding the perfect makeup for your skin tone can be hard and overwhelming. Thankfully, mobile apps like the Plum Perfect exist to simplify the process in the comfort of your home. Here’s everything about Asmau Ahmed’s Plum Perfect app for personalized beauty.

The Development of the Plum Perfect App

The Plum Perfect app was founded by Asmau Ahmed in 2014. Asmau is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur and beauty expert. Like any other woman, Asmau loved makeup but couldn’t find the ideal makeup for her dark skin tone. Finding the right lipsticks for her sister was also a tough journey, and these frustrations generally led to creating the app.

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Asmau was also curious to innovate, hence her efforts to develop an app. Creating an outstanding app in this highly competitive app isn’t easy, so she aimed to offer an application that uses a high level of personalization. The app is free to use for iPhone users and has undergone multiple upgrades since its innovation in 2014 to enhance its usage.

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How Plum Perfect Works

Perfect Plum is a mobile app, so you should first download it on your iPhone or Android device. If you need a makeup suggestion, open the app and take a selfie. The app has many makeup shade suggestions that match your skin color and your hair.

When you take your selfie, the app immediately analyses the picture and presents multiple snap shades you can apply perfectly. Plum Perfect provides suggestions within 30 seconds.

The app has multiple categories and subcategories, which allow you to choose the exact area of your face that needs makeup suggestions. For instance, if you are looking for the perfect lipstick or gloss for your lips, you simply type the words lips in the search options. The app analyses your lips from the selfie and provides helpful makeup suggestions.

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For the best results when using this app, your phone should have good camera to present the clearest images of your face. Also, natural light is recommended to capture the best snap of your face. Once you get the makeup suggestions, you can order from the major makeup sellers, like Sephora, which the app recommends. Similarly, you can save the recommendations and get the products from a nearby local store.

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About Asmau Ahmed

Asmau Ahmed is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur. She founded Plum Perfect, a mobile app that uses facial recognition technology to offer the perfect makeup suggestions based on one’s skin and hair color.

Asmau was born in 1983 in Nigeria but spent most of her childhood in London. Since childhood, Asmau wanted to experiment with new things, and she loves finding solutions to problems. Eventually, she even transformed her parent’s laundry room into a science area where she should experiment with new things.

She has a computer engineering degree, so she has combined her educational knowledge with her business aspiration to create Plum Perfect.

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