Asia Newson

Asia Newson: Detroit's Youngest Entrepreneurial Star


Sep. 16 2023, Published 9:36 p.m. ET

Most 5-year-olds would be playing with their Barbie dolls or pretending to cook with their utensil toys, but that wasn’t the case for Asia Newson.

She started a candle-making business at a young age, and in 2017, it was reported to have six figures in revenue.

The Detroit-raised kidpreneur remarkably changed her life’s narrative to become a recognized figure in the business world. Here’s Asia Newson’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Kids Learn From Observation

They never lied when they said children learn through observation, and mostly, their parents are the first mirrors. Young Asia learned the business from her father, Michael, who would sell candles from door to door. While some parents would quickly shut down their young kids from trying out good, grown-up stuff like business, Asia’s father encouraged it.

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The young, ambitious entrepreneur would then learn skills to make candles at home before mastering the art of pitching to clients. Her age didn’t stop her from approaching strangers to pitch and sell her products.

“My website was just booming with orders. I was able to show everyone in my community, all of my friends, everyone in my school, how easy and how fun it was being an entrepreneur and having your own business,” she told Forbes. “I was able to build my own dreams. I'm still doing it

Turning Lessons Into Practice

Asia Newson spoke to ABC News in 2014 when she was just 11 years old and had the chance to tell her story to the world. She proudly spoke of her town, Detroit, and talked about its potential to make her good money.

ABC News showed viewers what it takes for Asia to sell her candles. Asia was always well prepared with a sales pitch she had mastered and surprisingly worked on strangers. Her father, Michael, always accompanied her as a silent partner. He watched from a distance and mentored her on approaching potential clients and making a good sales pitch.

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While the sales pitch may have sounded scripted and coached, Asia’s confidence gave her the winning formula. The kidpreneur would visit barber shops and markets and try her shot. Thankfully, clients were often amazed by her spirit and personality. Asia excelled remarkably as a child entrepreneur.

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Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Asia Newson’s flame for entrepreneurship never dimmed. In 2019, Black Enterprise recognized the teen’s effort to establish and grow her business from age 4. She was named Teenprenuer of the Year in 2019. After years of successfully selling homemade candles, Asia spotted another loophole. She wanted to empower girls her age or even younger to start businesses and become successful.

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Therefore, Super Business Girl was born. Together with her parents, Asia set up workshops to nurture young girls into entrepreneurship. Her company equips interested parties with the necessary business techniques, such as money management and pitching sales. They also teach candle making. The skills are supposed to prepare girls for financial independence in college and high school. So far, Asia and her company have immensely impacted numerous lives across Detroit and beyond.

Greater Plans For The Future

The young entrepreneur’s work landed The Ellen DeGeneres show in 2015, where she spoke about her journey to becoming a business mogul and her ambitions for the future. Asia was specific about her dreams and revealed she wanted to join Havard and become a lawyer.

he confidently continued to say that she’d become mayor of Detroit and, later, be an occupant of the White House.

Confidence Is Attractive

Many adults wish they had half the confidence Asia Newson possesses. She is a big inspiration to children. Asia’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur at such a young age also teaches parents to mentor their kids as early as possible. It’s never too early to equip children with the necessary skills to survive and become successful.

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