Angelica Ross

Angelica Ross's Legacy in TV: A Retrospective


Oct. 4 2023, Published 5:31 p.m. ET

In the sizzle and flash of television, you might say that Angelica Ross can be considered an innovator. Her appearances in series like Pose and American Horror Story are hard to forget. Her goals in entertainment have been met, and now she is a supporter of transgendered participation in the entertainment industry. Follow her journey, starting with her work in Pose.

Breaking Barriers in ‘Pose’

Pose is not your average TV show — it is a big deal in the culture, changing how we see things on the small screen. Imagine diving into the exciting world of New York City in the late '80s and early '90s. This is where Pose introduces us to the underground ballroom scene and paints a powerful picture of the LGBTQ+ community, especially transgender people of color.

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Angelica Ross plays the role of Candy Ferocity, a transgender woman with big dreams. She also faces major issues in her life. but what Angelica Ross does with this character is more than just acting. It is like she is on a mission to show the real struggles transgender individuals face. Instead of playing on stereotypes, she makes it all relatable to a wider audience.

Ross is not just playing a part in Pose – it is a lot more than that. She is saying something and shaking up the TV world. Choosing a character that mirrors the ups and downs of regular folks, Ross is like a guiding light for those who rarely spot people like them on the screen.

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Navigating Nightmares in ‘American Horror Story’

Ross did a bang-up job in the ninth season of American Horror Story: 1984. She dives into the horror scene at a spooky summer camp where a killer lurks. She plays a psychologist named Donna Chambers with plenty of tricks in her bag. Most horror stories have those typical characters, you know? But Ross has a way of making it feel real. She fits right into the creepy vibe of American Horror Story, proving she is not stuck on one type of role.

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It is a joy to see how Ross does not stick to just one genre. Going from real-world drama to a haunted summer camp is no joke, but Ross pulls it off like the pro she is. Ross shows that she is not what you would expect while breaking down barriers in her way. She shows a deep dedication to acting while pushing envelopes in the entertainment world.

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Beyond the Screen: Ross's Impact on Representation

Off-screen, besides being a TV star, Angelica Ross is also making her mark. She is a big believer in equality, especially for transgender actors in showbiz. As a producer in the entertainment world, which lacks its protectors, you might say that Ross is like a superhero. In an interview with NBC News, Ross explains that you have got to tell stories that ring true. She wants people in the industry to no longer view diversified characters as simply sideshow entertainment and begin storyboarding all kinds of stories. In this way, diverse voices can make entertainment a better place for everybody. That is just what Ross is trying to do.

She does not just glam up the screen on shows like Pose and American Horror Story. When she is not there to light things up, she is out blazing new trails. And, no, it is not that she is just bucking the trend. She is rewriting it. Angelica feels that just by being herself and opening her mouth, she is letting Hollywood know that as far as having a trans identity goes, it is not the end of the story. She is the future of entertainment, represented in all its diversity and inclusion.

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