Angelica Ross

Trans Actress and Advocate Angelica Ross: Paving the Way for Inclusivity


Dec. 18 2023, Published 8:26 p.m. ET

Angelica Ross wears many hats, from actress and entrepreneur to activist. However, long before she became a trailblazer in Hollywood, Angelica Ross had to fight for her survival in a world bent on demonizing her life choices.

Her journey is one marked by resilience and impact.

From Struggles to Triumph

Angelica Ross is a trans activist and an actress best known for her breakout role in Pose, a highly acclaimed drama series centered on the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. But as you’ll discover below, her journey to becoming one of the most celebrated trans actresses was anything but easy.

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A Self-Discovery Journey Marred by Personal Struggles

Angelica was born and raised in Wisconsin. Growing up, she always felt different but couldn’t pinpoint why.

She would sing in the choir and do feminine stuff, so much so that her eighth-grade classmates kept referring to her as “too feminine.” It wasn’t until she was 17 years old that Angelia realized she was gay, and upon this discovery, she came out to her mother.

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Unfortunately, her coming-out experience didn’t go as she envisioned. Her mom became so irrational about it that she drove her to commit suicide. Thankfully, she survived and, upon graduating high school, joined the US Navy as a minor.

Sadly, she experienced discriminatory treatment in the Navy and had to retire after only six months under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy.”

Moving to New York and Becoming Trans

Undeterred, Angelica moved to New York where she met Miss Armani, who helped her transition. At this point, the activist fully embraced herself and learned her way around coding and tech. This transformative experience laid the foundation for her future impact.

"Technology saved my life," she told People magazine. "I taught myself how to code, watched video tutorials on editing and programming, and that helped me survive and not have to be a sex worker."

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She continued, “I've often been told I have no value. If organizations did see my value, I was tokenized, and my hiring was seen as 'checking off a box.'"

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Groundbreaking Roles in Hollywood

Angelica’s foray into acting began with “Her Story” a webseries with six nine-minute episodes that tells the stories of two transgender women living in LA. The series garnered so much recognition that it laid the foundation for her acting career. However, it was her role as Candy Abundance Ferocity in Pose that catapulted her to prominence.

Besides these two roles, Angelica became the first transgender performer to lead a Broadway role after starring in American Horror Story and showcasing her acting versatility in popular shows like Claws. Thanks to her struggles, Angelica brings authenticity and depth to every character she plays, portraying the human experience with incredible honesty and vulnerability.

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Activism and Her Impact on Representation

Angelica Ross transformed the adversity she experienced into purpose by becoming a trans activist. Through TransTech, she empowers transgender and gender non-conforming individuals with opportunities to dip their feet in the tech industry. Besides the company, Ross utilizes her platform to raise awareness and promote inclusivity for the trans Community. This has earned her so much recognition that in 2019, she became the first transgender person to host a presidential forum during which she facilitated conversations on issues affecting the community.

Advocacy Beyond The Trans Community

Ross’s activism goes beyond the trans community. She staunchly supports the fight against systemic racism and uses her platform to amplify the Black Lives Matter initiatives. Having struggled with mental health at some point, Angelica also works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Angelica Ross: The Voice of Change

Angelica Ross’s journey to being a Hollywood star is a personal triumph and an embodiment of resilience. As she continues to make history, the actress stands as an inspiration and a true activist, paving the way for an inclusive entertainment industry and the world at large.

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