Angelica Ross

Angelica Ross Leaves Hollywood Behind to Champion Social Justice


Aug. 14 2023, Published 9:25 p.m. ET

Hold up! Did you hear the news about Angelica Ross, the actress from Pose and American Horror Story?

She is throwing a curveball at Hollywood and leaving it. Angelica, who has always been a supporter of transgender rights, is making a splash by jumping into the political pool.

A Closer Look at the Motivation Behind the Shift

When you think of Angelica Ross, the small screen is what comes to mind. But why has she had this sudden interest in politics? Changing for the best how people live is motivating to her. She also shared in an interview that she was angry about things not progressing at all, especially when it comes to trans rights and social justice.

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“I’m fully walking away from Hollywood. But I’m always going to be who I am. You don’t have to be on TV to be a creative person [or] to live a creative life,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

A pioneer, Angelica has never been shy about criticizing the difficulties experienced in the transgender community and Hollywood as a woman of color.

So, she decided to get in the trenches and play an active role instead of just talking about it from the sidelines. She pointed out that it is important to have all kinds of voices in politics. She was very emphatic on the issue of representation, stating that people who know what it is like should decide how their communities are run.

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Angelica giving up acting to go into politics is not just a change of career. It is also a way for her to influence society, shifting to be more equal and open.

Ross's Political Goals: A Call for Real Change

In September 2023, Angelica revealed she was moving back to Georgia to run for office, focusing on a variety of issues including abortion, trans rights, and police brutality. “I’m getting back into my community leadership and organizing. I’m getting back to grassroots organizing, helping with Stop Cop City, helping with bodily autonomy and abortion rights there as well as trans rights in the state of Georgia,” she told Vanity Fair. “There’s so many different problems. Police brutality, the decriminalization of marijuana, and things like that. You have a lot of Black celebrities that live in Georgia who call it the Black Hollywood, yet Black people still get arrested for weed in Georgia.”

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Angelica desires a place in politics because she is all about giving everyone a voice — especially the ones who otherwise do not have one.

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Navigating Controversy: Ross's Response to Challenges

When a famous actor like Angelica Ross gets into politics, it is not your everyday thing, and her choice stirred up some talk. Facing the heat, Angelica stayed in a cool place within herself and stuck to her guns. She cleared up what people were saying about her only going into politics because she was copying a TV show she was in.

Dealing with the controversy and staying true to what she believes shows how genuine and determined she is. This switch from acting to politics for Angelica Ross is not just about a job change — it is a message about society needing different voices and views in politics.

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