10 Superfoods Every Black Woman Should Know About


Dec. 17 2023, Published 12:36 a.m. ET

I’ve seen people with fair complexion pamper their skin like it’s some fragile butter. But who says Black skin should be neglected? Black is gold. It’s beautiful when you care for it — and the first rule for maintaining your skin is to do it from within.

Now that we’re talking about diets, there’s a class of foods that are so good we call them “superfoods.” They’re loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that make Black skin glow while keeping them from radicals and carcinogens from within and out. Let’s check them out!

Sweet Potatoes

Let’s start with sweet potatoes. They’ve got it all! Vitamins A, B, C, and E? Check. Calcium, iron, choline, magnesium, selenium, and antioxidants? Double check!

Munching on sweet potatoes isn’t just a snack. They help keep our blood sugar in check, ease stress, fight inflammation, and even protect us from ulcers. The best part here is that the Vitamin C in them gives our skin that radiant glow.

Meanwhile, they have Vitamin E that keeps the skin and hair smooth and hydrated.

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Mushrooms? But they’re fungi! Yeah, they’re often neglected superfoods. They’re packed with many antioxidants, especially the one you call selenium. Selenium, by the way, reduces the risk of certain cancers.

Do well to skip this if you’re allergic to fungus.

Not sure you will like this? Then you should give it a try. Add them raw in salads or on top of pizza.

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Oh, avocados! Creamy and dreamy, these are more than just Instagram-worthy.

They’ve got rich mono-saturated fats that are so good for our hearts. And hey, the folate in avocados is quite supportive of healthy pregnancies.


This is not just some trendy veggie. It’s got enough vitamins A and C for your skin. Plus, there’s a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that keep hearts healthy. They help manage our blood sugar levels.

Plus, it’s delicious in salads. You may even crisp them up as kale chips!

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Rich in omega-3s, this fish is our brain’s best friend and a protector of our hearts. And let’s face it, dealing with depression isn’t easy. But these omega-3s do a solid job in helping manage it, something that affects many of us.

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Now, quinoa might be a fancy or unknown addition for some, but they should be eaten more. Instead of eating rice all the time, you could substitute it for quinoa, which has more fiber and protein.

Gluten-free and loaded with protein, it’s a muscle booster and keeps our digestion in check. Plus, it’s versatile. You can toss it in salads or stir-fries!

Berries, Berries and Berries

Berries! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – they’re all-stars in the fruit world. They have plenty of antioxidants and vitamins. They can also help us age gracefully.

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This might not be anyone’s fave, but it’s still a nutritional superfood if you take it to the lab. Vitamins K and C, calcium, and folate – it’s got everything to fight cancer and keep our bones strong. Sneak them into stir-fries or roast them with a dash of seasoning – yum!

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Black Beans

Black beans – these little bean guys are so underrated. They’re naturally loaded with many fibers, protein, and iron. Also rich in magnesium, they help keep the blood sugar in check and support our hearts. And let’s be real, they’re versatile – from soups to salads, it’s your choice!


Turmeric might seem like just a spice, but it’s pure gold! Curcumin, its secret weapon, fights inflammation quite well. People with arthritis might even help lower the risk of chronic disease.

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