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Louis Walsh and His Public Display of Sexual Harassment


Jul. 18 2018, Updated 4:55 p.m. ET

A resurfaced “The X- Factor” clip from 2014 shows former  judge Louis Walsh physically grabbing and squeezing Mel B’s butt.

In the clip, the visibly uncomfortable Mel B calls out Louis Walsh’s perverse actions.

This is an important clip that we can use to talk about how sexual harassment happens, how the victim feels and why it’s so difficult for victims of it to even speak out against it.

In the clip, Mel B actually motions in a way that puts the flagrant act on display. She tells everyone in the room to stop and look at what is going on. Mel B basically signals to everyone that Louis Walsh is completely out of line.

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wp content/uploads///louis walsh

Louis Walsh laughs it off as if it’s not a big deal that he just touched someone without their consent and with complete disregard to their discomfort. He didn’t even apologize to her.

The fact that this happened on national television and no one really did anything to help Mel B through the uncomfortable situation is an excellent example of why it’s so hard for victims to even begin to find ways to be taken seriously.

This comes weeks after 50 Cent mocked Terry Crews after he testified about a sexual assault committed by a Hollywood Agent.

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A lot of people don’t seem to want to understand the mental strife, shock and confusion that comes from these forms of harassment and while the people that think it’s funny choose to remain ignorant (i.e. 50 Cent), they’ll be in for a rude awakening as more and more people start to understand how despicable these actions truly are.

Let’s get back to Mel B and Louis Walsh’s grotesque clown act.

After Mel B scoots over and Louis Walsh scoots closer to her, Simon Cowell motions to her and says “Don’t worry. Honestly, you’re safe.” to which Louis Walsh has a fit of laughter because it’s all so funny. Fuck.

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wp content/uploads///louis walsh
wp content/uploads///louis walsh

Safe from WHAT, Simon?

Let me comfort you in the best way that I can in front of all of these people. Nothing to worry about, Melz! He already groped you on national television, what else could he do to you now? Trust my words.

Everything that transpired in this short clip amounts to so many of the reasons why it’s really hard to speak out. The disrespect of her body, the dismissal of her discomfort, the “joke” and belittling words from what should have been her ally and the laughter from the perpetrator.

To all the people out there with painful secrets, we hope you know that despite the struggle it is to speak out, it is worth it in the end, if at least for the truth to come out.

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