GET OUT: Relationship Edition

GET OUT: Relationship Edition


Aug. 7 2018, Published 6:30 p.m. ET

Does it seem like it’s getting harder to fix your relationship issues despite your efforts? Sometimes, we have to realize the relationships we’re in just aren’t worth saving. Seeing your significant other as the man or woman of your dreams can cause you to ignore the red flags that their actions display early on. Aggressiveness and jealousy might seem cute at first, but later on they add to the recipe for a toxic and destructive relationship. If you’re wondering if you are teetering the line of toxicity in your love life, here are some tell-tale signs that it might be time to call it quits with your partner.

“Gimme the Codes” Bae

The level of trust you have for someone should not be determined by the amount of access you have to their cell phone or social media accounts. Even though our technological society makes it seem imperative to be transparent with information, don’t fool yourself by giving up your passwords to your significant other. This can cause unwanted drama from snooping and false accusations. Also, if things ever turn sour, you may be hacked by your former lover and forced to deactivate your social media accounts or worse. Protect your passwords!

“I Need You” Bae

In a healthy relationship, space is something that is necessary. Spending every waking minute with your lover can be draining. If you’re an introvert, like me, or just used to having your personal space, sometimes being alone is needed to gather your thoughts and stay focused. But what if Bae doesn’t understand the importance of your alone time? When you say you’re busy, Bae is still leaving 10 voicemails and sending 2 text messages a minute. While trying to explain the need for a relaxing night alone, Bae might question your loyalty or even your interest in them. Don’t let someone guilt-trip you into spending too much time with them; everyone deserves their space. So when Clingy Bae won’t go away, you should definitely consider reclaiming your freedom as a single woman!

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“My Way or the Highway” Bae

Dealing with a control freak is the worst. Relationships with a dominant partner can feel very one-sided. Whether it’s choosing what to eat, what to wear, or even where to go for a date, a control freak only wants things to go their way. A relationship is supposed to be about compromise, but if the one you’re with is only concerned about what they want you’ll begin to become dissatisfied with their behavior. No one wants to feel like their input is unimportant, and a controlling significant can be detrimental to your mental and emotional health. When you notice your partner being more and more bratty and egostitical, take that as your que to exit stage left.

“It Won’t Happen Again” Bae

Abuse is no laughing matter. Anytime you find yourself in too deep with an abusive partner, abandon that relationship immediately! Physical altercations can lead to very dangerous circumstances for the both of you. No matter what comes your way in a relationship, violence is never an acceptable solution. Even when they beg for forgiveness, shower you with gifts, and swear they have changed, don’t let them back in your life. For all the women that are currently in a situation with a violent person, seek help. Don’t let the vicious cycle of abuse get you caught up in a life-threatening circumstance.

“A’ight Bet” Bae

Have you ever been involved with someone who has a thirst for vengeance? A petty lover is extremely toxic, because they usually only make already trying matters even worse. Even if you don’t feel like you are doing anything wrong, a petty person will always find an issue to magnify and exploit. Most times, they don’t even communicate their grievances, but instead put their efforts toward finding a way to get you to feel as bad as they did. A tit-for-tat relationship is extremely emotionally damaging, because it can cause a once positive person to become mean and spiteful. If the one you’re with always wants to get back at you, they are troubling with your energy. Letting them get the best of you will only change your for the worse.

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