Gabrielle Union's Bold New Move Into Television Production


Aug. 2 2023, Updated 11:09 p.m. ET

In an unexpected move, Gabrielle Union entered the world of TV production with her own brand of artistry and forcefulness. Well known for her energetic acting skills, Gabrielle is now kicking up dust behind the scenes, suggesting that her talent is not limited to only being in front of the camera.

‘The Perfect Find’ — A Blend of Romance and Reality

One of the Being Mary Jane star’s latest ventures, Netflix’s The Perfect Find, marks her debut as a producer, and she did not hold anything back.

It is an interesting mix of a reality show with an element of love in the complicated world of modern relationships. In this era riddled with complexity and social media, you might choose your lover based on whether you like or do not like pictures of prospects as you swipe right or left. Gabrielle explores this and what makes people turn to social media for dating opportunities.

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Union's involvement with production is not just a celebrity endorsement. She molds the storyline. It is a true reflection of honest, non-clichéd storytelling about love and connections, an element she is committed to. Her presentation of what has become a typical romantic comedy setting provides an unusual and relevant outlook from the audience’s perspective.

‘Truth Be Told’: Unearthing Untold Stories

Another one of Gabrielle’s projects is Truth Be Told, one that reveals unspoken narratives of people and societies. Through truth-telling, this show focuses on stories commonly omitted by most conventional media reports.

Gabrielle’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity shines through in Truth Be Told. The cast represents a mosaic of voices, each contributing to the broader tapestry of human experiences.

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“Black and brown girls get adultified. We are demonized and we are blamed for our own abuse, which means you're not going to take it as seriously. Our innocence is never guaranteed, she told USA Today of her Apple TV series.

The show aims to challenge societal norms and stereotypes, bringing forth authentic stories that have the potential to spark conversations and foster understanding.

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‘Strange World’ and ‘The Inspection’: A Glimpse into Union's Diverse Palette

Strange World and Inspection are two more of Gabrielle’s projects that illustrate her dedication to diversity while choosing her stories.

Strange World takes viewers on a journey into the unknown, exploring mysterious and uncharted territories. Her role as a producer signals her willingness to step beyond the conventional and embrace the unexplored, and she handles it well.

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On the flip side, The Inspection delves into the challenges faced by young people navigating their way through the educational system. Union's production prowess shines on this project, as the show tackles relevant social issues, highlighting the importance of education reform and its possible impact on shaping the future.

“Honestly, just wanting more control over content, the production and the experience,” she told Forbes. “No one knows what it's like to be us, so sometimes the experience that is created for talent is not always the most conducive for creating the best work environment.”

She continued, “There's really something to be said about the power of creating a better experience for talent. It in turn benefits everybody, because it really just benefits the bottom line. That's where my interest came in.”

Gabrielle Union's venture into television production is not just a celebrity side hustle. It is a deliberate and impactful move to reshape the storytelling landscape.

As viewers, we can only anticipate more innovative stories and fresh perspectives from this talented force behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

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