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Emerging Artist Taliwhoah and Her Soul Search For Success


Jun. 26 2018, Updated 5:38 p.m. ET

If the music business held an annual coronation, then Taliwhoah would be next in line to claim her thrown.   Her sound is described on Spotify as “a stylish pop outlier with Afro-Caribbean soul, R&B swagger, and hypnotic mystique.” Her real name is Talitha Cross but as she explains, “‘Whoah’ is the reaction someone had to me once, so that’s how I got the nickname. It’s a true representation of who I am, and it’s also what I plan for my music.'”

Her voice is sweet and entrancing but her voice and music aren’t her only attributes that illicit a “Whoah” response. She sat down with Bombshell to recant her uncertainties in the very beginning and the moments in which she was clearly able to define her purpose.

On what brought her to L.A.:

“My stepdad was in the military. I went on through high school and I was like OK. What am I doing? I lived in Seattle, Washington as well so there was kinda like nothing there, in terms of entertainment. And then I decided, you know what, I kinda wanna do a bit more. I wanna go to school for fashion. So that’s how I found myself in L.A.”

On how she got out of homelessness through music:

“I went to [college], dropped out, came back and then I was really just soul searching. I was doing a bunch of styling and I wanted to go into merch. and product development. I met this guy by the name of Robert Norman randomly. At the time I had just become homeless in L.A. trying to do too much, school and what-not, and money management wasn’t my thing at the time. Robert came to me like, “yo, if you help me write songs, you can stay at the studio.   So I started doing that and then after about a year or 2 of doing that, I was like ‘omg,  this is actually really fulfilling.’ Not only was I able to get myself out of being homeless, I now have a group of people that I can connect with and build with.

On who helped her find her sound:

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“My mom told me that I had to go back to London for a little bit because my grandmother’s birthday was coming up and I was like ‘damn! I just got comfortable with some people’ You know, even thought I’m leaving America, I don’t want to leave doing this. So I left my job, left school, found a producer in London throughout this whole transition of me going back for my grandmother’s birthday. Then, the rest is honestly history. Me and him [producer in London] just had this creative chemistry that was like ‘omg, I think I found my sound.’ Before, when I was just in the studios helping other people, I wasn’t trying to be an artist. I was just like ‘oh, I like this idea, what do you think about it?’ kind of a thing. Then I started making my own music, it just became apparent that I had cultivated this sound of my own.”

On where destiny led her:

“I was just bouncing back and forth between L.A. and London and I walked into Rostrum’s offices and was just randomly talking to a woman named Nicole. I wasn’t there off the strength of having a meeting. It was literally just so organic. I was in L.A. at the time  and Nicole and I just hit it off in a very genuine way and a couple months later  I followed her on Instagram. She saw that I was releasing projects and tracks and she was like ‘hey, do you wanna come in and have a conversation’ and I was like ‘about what’ and I didn’t know that it could lead to this. It’s so stumbled upon for me. I guess it’s always been written. This was gonna be my path.”

Bombshell: I think that is amazing. If you have a calling and a purpose, it’ll find you.

Taliwhoah: “Exactly!”

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This inspiring young woman whose hunger for creativity led her to be sought after for her musical abilities will be releasing her debut album “Another Dimension” this summer. She just dropped the video for her lead single “Soul Food” which you can watch below.

You can follow Taliwhoah on Instagram @Taliwhoah

Follow her on Twitter @Taliwhoah 

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