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Beyoncé Shades British Press Over Meghan Markle


Feb. 21 2019, Published 6:41 p.m. ET

At last night’s BRIT Awards, Beyoncé and Jay-Z jointly won the statue for Best International Group for Everything Is Love. They were unable to attend the event but accepted the award in a video featuring a surprise guest appearance from the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle…or at least her likeness.

The video released to Beyoncé‘s Instagram begins with a close-up shot of a wonderfully regal portrait of Meghan, crown and all. As the camera pans out to show the power couple the opening of Ape Shit plays making it overtly reminiscent of the Mona Lisa opening of the music video. Beyoncé delivers her acceptance speech “Thank you so much to the BRIT Awards for this incredible honor. You guys have always been so supportive, everything is love. Thank you,”  and then the pair turn around to gaze at the gorgeous portrait. (Which came as a surprise to artist Tim O’Brien who had no idea the Carters were going to use his piece for their acceptance speech.)

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There is a clear message of support and solidarity for The Duchess. Accepting an award literally called a BRIT, in front of a crowned Meghan, in a style that likens a picture to her to one of the most famous images of a woman in existence.  You don’t need a communications degree to figure this one out.

However, Beyoncé‘s’ American fans may be less familiar with why this act is shading the British press. And as the resident Brit here at Bombshell, I feel that it is my duty the explain the context behind this statement.

British news media is racist garbage.

Ok, well not all of the media. Broadly speaking tabloid newspapers have been consistently making their discomfort with the fact that a woman who is not white is now a member of their precious royal family extremely clear. This has come largely in the form of pedantic criticisms of her every action. Like wearing a dress that shows her shoulders, or touching her baby bump , or, and this one is amazing, looking too sympathetic when she’s around victims of a tragedy (bonus it also gets super personal and catty about her relationship with her family). But it has also come in the form of blatant out in the open attacks on her character. 

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Even before the wedding, the press made it clear that they did not welcome her. Prince Harry himself made a statement  asking them to cool it with the racism whilst they were still only dating, and the engagement announcement sparked plenty of gross reporting.

In the wake of the constant barrage of barely concealed racism that Meghan faces from the British press, this sign of support from Beyoncé can clearly be read as a highly artistic and clever up-yours to all those who are uncomfortable with black women in positions of power.

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