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6 Unique Summer Ideas


Jul. 19 2018, Updated 8:16 p.m. ET

Do you ever have those days where you want to chill out and enjoy the summer without all of the stress of heavy planning?

Here are 5 unique ideas that will liven up any summer.

1 – Have a Henna Party

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For those unfamiliar with Henna parties, they are popular with Indian, African and Middle Eastern brides. Henna dye stains the skin with a reddish-brown tint that fades in a couple of weeks. This is a great way to try out something new and get creative. You can come up with your own designs, get some stencils or get some inspiration online. It’s easy to get started. The beginner basics are:

  1. Buy a tube of pre-made henna
  2. Clip off the end
  3. Squeeze the henna like toothpaste onto skin
  4. Draw artistic patterns
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After that, you’re set!

2 – Musical Potluck

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You’ve heard of sharing food, but how about an activity where you dedicate some time to sit around with your friends and share music? It’s easy and super cheap. All you need are your friends and your tunes. Share your favorite songs old or new and pass the playlist around. I know that sometimes sharing the music we’re currently feeling can be embarrassing when it’s kind of odd, so I’ll start! Have you listened to “More of the Same Thing” by Caroline Rose?
Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics:

“In the classroom, trying to believe in
The words on a page of a book that I’m reading
Spread out by a woman who became a teacher
‘Cause she couldn’t make ends meet from her writing career”


ORRRRRR, if you haven’t already (I won’t judge you), you can check out some of the artists featured in earlier articles on Bombshell: here, here, here and here.

3 – BYOI

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Bring Your Own Inflatable! This one is a simple way to boost your fun and IG worthy picture-ops. The kick is: you don’t even have to be near a pool or body of water! Just bring along an inflatable! Instead of a picnic blanket or a chair, use an inflatable to lay out and enjoy the outdoors at the park, on a lawn or on your building’s roof. Show off your personality with your inflatable. Want a magical summer? Pick up an inflatable unicorn! Lowkey mermaid? There’s an inflatable oyster shell to make you feel right at home! A little on the dark side? Pick up an inflatable coffin! Prefer chairs but feeling tropical and in the floaty spirit? That’s fine! Here’s an inflatable palm tree that doubles as a cooler!

4 – Alcohol Scavenger Hunt

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Reuse those plastic Easter eggs and put some miniature alcohol bottles in them. These would be perfect to hide in the sand on a beach trip and have people try to find them. Keep in mind how many you’re bringing and how deep you’re burying them because you don’t want to lose them! Or pollute the ocean.

5 – Dye Sand

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You can either buy some white sand at a craft store for better results or you can experiment with sand from a nearby beach. If you’re going to the beach, you can take some colored dye and a pretty bottle that you want to fill with sand. Salt is mostly recommended because of its ability to pick up color. If you’re coloring sand at the beach, make sure to use food coloring because it is safe for animals while liquid watercolors are not. Experiment with different ways to color sand and different ways to use the sand.

6 – Photoshoot With Friends

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Bring some props and change of clothes to make use of those expensive cameras on your phones. This is a great way to uplift your friends and create some printable memories. You can even create your own themes: Wonderland, Secret Garden, Disney. If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera (like I tend to be) get some candid shots hanging out and having fun with your friends instead of posing. You may end up liking some of them and if you don’t, don’t dwell on it and try not to fill your head with those negative thoughts and emotions. Remember we’re our own worst critics, everything is worse in our heads than it is in real life (curse you, anxiety!). Focus on fun with your friends.

The best part of all these ideas is that you can incorporate them into any gathering you’re already planning. You can even have them all at the same time to create a super fun and unique experience. Maybe you’ve found some inspiration!

Happy summer!

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