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5 Ways To Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water


Jul. 16 2018, Published 9:29 p.m. ET

Summertime is great with its warm weather, vacation from school, and longer days. But staying hydrated in the heat is something to take seriously as dehydration can be very damaging.

For those who find water to be too boring, here are 5 alternative ways to stay hydrated this summer:

Sports Drinks – Drinks like Gatorade contain high amounts of electrolytes and sugar, which help replace what you lose during exercise, or on a hot day. In replenishing you of these elements, your body is rehydrating. Plus, these drinks often come in plenty of fun flavors.

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Watermelon – Fruit are always a great source of natural sugars and water. However, watermelon stands out for being 90% water! This fruit is very popular for being tasty, yet refreshing. Enjoying this fruit on a hot summer day will be much more enjoyable than guzzling a gallon of water.

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Coconut Water – This drink has recently become more popular, and is known for its health benefits. Much like sports drinks, it has electrolytes, but even better they’re naturally occurring from the coconut. Coconut water provides a fresh taste, with the same benefits of plain old water. It often comes in different flavors as well.

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Smoothies – If you prefer other fruit over watermelon, incorporate them into a fresh smoothie for the same effect. I suggest making your own smoothies at home, so you know what’s going inside. Using fruit and coconut water in a smoothie is also great for people who aren’t fans of coconut water alone.

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Coffee & Tea – This one may come as a shocker, but it is a common myth to believe caffeine makes these drinks dehydrating. Of course, these are the least hydrating on the list, but they still have their benefits. Not only do they count toward your daily hydration, but tea especially, has proven to be good for your health.

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Of course, drinking water will always be the best, most natural way to hydration. So even if you’re not a big fan and plan to use these alternatives, try to drink at least a glass of water anyway.

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