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5 Habits That Your Vagina Hates You For


Feb. 1 2019, Updated 5:49 p.m. ET

Your grandma was only speaking facts when she said those jeans were too tight!

A healthy vagina is at the top of the list for female hygiene.  And while I may not be as well versed on this subject as your OBGYN, I am a woman who cares about my vaginal health.  Though we as women are never purposely trying to obstruct our little lady parts, there are a few things that you’re probably doing wrong.  From excessive douching, constant use of soaps and even wearing pantyliners-your vagina just needs you to chill sis!

Lauren Streicher, M.D.,  an associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, told SELF:

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“Many women are doing things every single day that are not in their best interest.”

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“Many women are doing things every single day that are not in their best interest.”

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Im sure we’ve all heard how horrible douching is by now, however there are still several women who choose to keep the douche alive.  According to the Mayo Clinic, douching can disrupt the balance of vaginal yeast and the bacteria that live in your vagina.  This perfect balance creates an acidic environment which protects you from infections.  Douching can throw this off tremendously disrupting the pH balance and ultimately leaving you worse off than where you started! JUST SAY NO!


You gotta give your homegirl some time to breathe sis.  If you’re a repeat skinny jean wearing offender it may be time to pull out some new tricks.  Rock your skinny jeans sis, but lets try to cut back to twice a week.  Tight jeans/clothing trap in heat and moisture and raises your risk of catching vaginitis.  A fancy way of saying a vaginal yeast infection or bacteria vaginitis.  Both come with intense burning and itching and discharge and these are not the kind of problems you want.  So in the words of Ms. Fergie…loosen up your buttons baby!

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Pantyliners can be clutch if you’re a woman who tends to have a lot of discharge, they’re also good at protecting you if you spot between your periods. Though pantyliners are not a bad things, many experts have seen patients who wear them just a smidge too long.  This too can cause dryness, irritation and itching.  Many professionals recommend only wearing pantyliners for 12 hours max!


Penetration isn’t the only time protection is needed.  Its just as important to protect yourself during oral sex!  Many STI’s are transmitted through oral sex.  Herpes, gonorrhea and HPV are commonly spread through oral sex.  Here’s a few ways to protect yourself during oral sex.


If you already have a vaginal infection while using a sex toy, please make sure you clean it thoroughly after.  If you’ve visited your doctor and been prescribed meds to clear up the infection while still using the same sex toy, theres a chance you’ll reinfect yourself so be mindful!

For more tips on how to keep a happy and healthy vagina here click here!

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