Shonda Rhimes is Embarrassed by the Emmys

"I've always been an introverted person," Shonda Rhimes says, and she found the fame that came with her television successes to be "daunting."

The Emmys are Embarrassing

Last Sunday the  69th Annual Emmys aired and they were one of the most history changing Emmys yet. “Donald Glover and Lena Waithe became the first African-Americans to win in their respective categories and Riz Ahmed became both the first South Asian actor and first Muslim to win an Emmy.” Now Shonda Rhimes comes in, being nominated for many Emmys but still never winning, saying how embarrassing these Emmys were. She told Vanity Fair “To me, it feels embarrassing that we are still in a place in which we still have to note these moments.” Her point was that even though all these people are finally winning Emmy’s doesn’t mean that they are done and that they should not be acknowledge for the extremely amazing performances. There is still so much work to do to become more inclusive in Hollywood and big time award shows. Shonda Rhimes is one of the many people that have voiced their opinion on this and it needs to keep continuing until something is fully changed.

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