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Ready.. Set.. #GoGo Morrow

Photographer: Ricky Ricardo
Sweet, stylish, and a vocal sharpshooter are just are just a few characteristics to describe the Philadelphia native known as GoGo Morrow. As her voice fires away hitting notes that even some of our favorite artist struggle with executing, GoGo Morrow is the go to girl when it comes to assassinating a performance. Although the days of singing background for the likes of Lady Gaga are well behind her, the wonderful and humbling experiences are cherished, and she uses the fond memories as motivation.

Cruising through the fast lane in her mustard colored mustang, her locks ripple in the wind as she rolls down her tinted windows. Pulling up to parallel park, she twirls the tips of her turquoise colored hair sitting fly right before her studio session to speak with us. 

”This project has been really therapeutic” she says with an exhale, “2016 was a year of discovery for me because I haven’t put out any music since the end of 2015”.  Parting ways with her production team, the “Like a Trap Boy” singer found herself starting over.  “It forced me to explain what my goal was and how I wanted people to view me. It became challenging expressing myself which made me realize that I honestly wasn’t sure.”  All of a sudden she pauses, slightly paralyzed by her thoughts she reflects finishing her statement, “For the longest time I thought I knew, but writing and recording again helped me to become more vulnerable and clairvoyant.” 

As an independent artist making strides in a male dominated industry, she’s well aware of what makes her stand out which many refer to as the “It” factor. Yet, she calls it showing respect to her craft. “I’m not just a singer. I’m not just a songwriter. I am an all-around entertainer.”  As a witness to her wildly charming stage presence and wonderfully detailed performances, there is no exaggeration to her statement. She continues by saying, “I’m not a rapper. I can’t record a freestyle in my basement and simply throw it up on Sound Cloud. I have to mix and master and make sure the quality is up to par. It’s unacceptable for a singer to not have a standard she says in her sweet like voice yet sternly in her conviction. Taught by the best by attending Freedom Theatre as well as Philadelphia’s High School for Creative and Performing Arts, it seems as though all the of the training has paid off. 

Gearing up for the release of her Untitled EP due out this year, Ms. Morrow is elated to share her evolution. “Some of the music I’ve released before was very calculated. I put out music that I thought people wanted to hear, certain sounds for certain people.   A journey is most certainly not a race but if it were, the belting Bombshell is more than prepared.

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