Nordstrom’s Size Expansions for the Win of Embracing your body 

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Bodacious babes , the changes in your favorite major department stores might finally be giving you what you’ve always wanted, equality of all clothing! Nordstrom‘s size expansions definitely wins for embracing sizes of all types. The major department store is making a brand new move to test merchandising of different types of clothing instead of having that one dedicated plus size section.

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According to Glamour magazine, we have Khloe Kardashian and business partner Emma Grede to thank because of the launch of their denim line Good American. The executive Vice President of the women’s clothing at Nordstrom gave credit to the new denim brand. Also according to Glamour this can just be a test. If Nordstrom decides to move forward with this upgrade both Petite and plus size sections will be appearing in stores nationwide based on sales and interests. For women of all sizes , we’re hoping Nordstrom exclusively caters to women’s clothing from a petite and posh size 2 to even a bodacious and bomb size 22!

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