Fashion On A Budget: 10 Go-To Stores for the Cutest Sales

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Every girl tries to follow “What’s trending” in the fashion world so she wouldn’t be left out. Whether it’s copying the style of a celebrity or adding trending pieces to your everyday look, women want what’s in. Of course, not every trend comes with a reasonable price tag. Take chokers for example: celebs wear them diamond plated and teenagers wear the knock-off cubic zirconia ones from Claire’s. Of course your budget on a statement piece might differ from let’s say, Kim Kardashian’s, but that doesn’t mean that your low-budget won’t get you a high-end piece of the trend.

Here are 10 stores that every girl should know about when it comes to keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and won’t hurt the wallet:

1. Zara: The Spanish clothing company has been known to have high-end looking fashion pieces with the price tag every middle-class chic can afford!

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2. H&M: Who would have thought that this global department store would have such great steals?

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3. Urban Outfitters: No, this isn’t just a place where hipsters go to shop. Urban is known for keeping up and being a trend. Make sure to check out their sale section for amazing deals!

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4. American Eagle: Well-known for their denim, this store knows how to make clothes that suit their jeans! Pop in and try on a pair and match it with their cute tops.

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5. Uniqlo: This Japanese company is famous for their light-weight foldable jackets that are great for zero degree winters.

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6. Gap: For women of all shapes and sizes. Their prices may be a little steep at times, but when this store goes on sale, it GOES ON SALE.

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7. Cotton On: Aussie all over the world! Talk about being reasonably priced! This store has the latest fashions trends with a very good price. Plus, some sale items are $10 and under!

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8. Topshop: Originating from Great Britain, this English company was first worn by celebrities, until it ventured out to the U.S. and brought over its high-quality and affordable clothes! Great place to shop to match your favorite celebs.

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9. Aldo: A shoe store and accessory store all in one! Hit up Aldo if you’re looking for last-minute shoes to wear on a night out and grab a bag and necklaces while you’re at it!

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10. Mandee: Your local store for any last minute outfit! Mandee has been around for years and has always been a girl’s favorite place to get an outfit for under $15!

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