#BombBeats: Alexa Ferr “Room For 2”



Photo Credit: Blair Caldwell


Making the top of our list for ones to watch in 2017 is R&B/Pop Artist Alexa Ferr. Sassy, stylish and a vocal sharpshooter, the 21-year-old Pop Star making major waves in the music industry with a sound that has been dubbed as “Rugged Pop.” Blessing us with her latest visuals for her electrifying new single “Room For 2,” Alexa shares with Bombshell what inspired the song and the making of the video:

“Room For 2” came from a personal experience where I felt someone was trying to get in the way of my relationship, but I knew that no one could come in the way. I wanted the video to portray that same experience with a little twist to the story that ended up coming out exactly how I had envisioned in my head.

Falling in line with the Bombshell movement, Alexa also dishes on the message of female empowerment displayed in the song:

“Room For 2″ demonstrates empowerment through ones confidence within themselves and in their relationship. If you know where you stand with someone in your relationship, don’t let any outsiders get in the way.”

Vibe with us and check out the video above!

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