Cover Girl



When we’re speaking on a generation of women whose roots were formed on the principles of individuality and being unapologetic , Angela Renee White, better known as Blac Chyna, is leading the pack and unsurprisingly one of the most sought after influencers of our time.


It’s less than 24 hours before our next cover shoot with Blac Chyna and as I boarded my flight from JFK to LAX my thoughts were focused solely on making sure everything was perfect on set the next day. The 7 hour ride from NYC to LA served its purpose; as one can always appreciate escaping the commotion of NYC and soaking up all the laid back vibes of LA.
As our time to shoot neared and the crew hustled to fulfill any last many preparations, pandemonium began to unravel outside of the location and “the paps” surrounded the studio as an all black Audi coupe pulled up.
She hops out the driver side with her team not too far from her side, flirtatiously smiles for all the cameras now surrounding her…our cover girl had arrived.

Walking into set with her crown in tact and every strand of her unicorn hair in place , she flashes a smile and simply states, “I’m ready”.

Sitting flawlessly under a set of lights, her lashes flutter with every tease to the camera. The images are striking. The styling, impeccably done. The model turned entrepreneur comes alive with every flash of the camera and each look is a perfect depiction of the alluring and confident woman she is. Yes, Blac Chyna is soft spoken and sweet but she’s proven repeatedly that she’s not to be fucked with. And even in the midst of drama she remains unbothered; collecting checks and laughing all the way to the bank.

Though her life has caught the attention of the world, Chyna is still far from being an open book. And while being the best mom to her son King and daughter Dream are her top priorities, she still manages to balance being a boss.

“I have some cool projects in the works, but I’m keeping them top secret for now.”

With Lashed Beauty Bar and Cosmetics, her online clothing store 88fin, and the recent launch of The Blac Chyna Doll all under her belt, it’s safe to say that the model turned entrepreneur is on winning streak.

“Lashed is my baby and of course I want to see it grow! I definitely want to expand my brand and
open more lashed bars. 88fin is doing really well online, I’m not sure as of yet if I’ll be opening a physical store but it’s a possibility in the future.”

Coming a long way from her hometown of D.C. , she has unquestionably become a well rounded and established entrepreneur, embarking on anything that she feels serves her purpose. And while living life in the public eye comes with its highs and lows, Chyna has mastered the art of not giving a f*** about what people say.

“I always remind myself that it’s not what you’re called but it’s what you answer to. Everyone will always have their own opinion of you, and that’s fine. But you can’t cry over something that never belonged to you in the first place.”

Whether you’re calling her a new age Icon, or simply a bad b***h, Blac Chyna is undeniably a staple in pop culture and a representation of “girls out here doing whatever the hell they want”, while recognizing the power in simply being a woman.




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