Beyoncé Tells You What Men are Looking For in Their Future Wife

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Ladies, when your man decided or decides to “put a ring on it”, there are a few things he secretly wants you to know. Being married calls for “happily ever afters” and “forever”, but sometimes it’s not the easiest thing.

Sometimes men are not always vocal with their thoughts or emotions, so here’s a little guideline as to what men “Not-So-Secretly Want from their Future Wives”, given to you from YourTango with a little help from Beyonce

1.Hold the Drama, Please. – Men will give their woman a pass or two when it comes to taking the roof down, but the one thing they tend to hate is when their lady goes over-the-top in public or infront of friends and family.

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2. Get your sexy on girl. – Treat your man and do something different every once in awhile. Go out and buy some lingerie that he can Monica Lewinski you in and rip right off like Bill Clinton did.

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3. “Sexy” and “Romance” are different categories. – Your man wants you to be a little romantic too, you know. Surprise him with a tech-savvy date or fly him to his most-wanted to visit place in the world.

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4. Tell the Truth and nothing but the truth. – Just like you, your man wants to know what’s real, so be real with him. Don’t lie if you’re going out with a guy friend. Be honest. The last thing you want is him lying about Becky with the good hair.

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5. Silence is golden. – Sometimes men just need space, so give it to them. Plan a night out to yourself or with a couple of girlfriends and let your man lounge around at home.

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6. They love food as much as you do. – Dinner plans are important, not only for you but for your man. Make sure you take into account what they’re craving.

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7. Laugh it up. – Make your man laugh! Ladies, do something funny once in awhile to make your man giggle. Don’t be afraid to be silly!

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8. Listen to them the same way you want him to listen to you. – Be open to hearing their side of things.

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9. First comes, love then comes marriage. – For the ladies out there who’s waiting for the man of their dreams, be patient. Know that your man will soon come and put a ring on that finger when the time is right!

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10. Done with playing around. – Once he ties you down, your man doesn’t want you out and about flirting your way through a traffic ticket! Save it all for him.

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